Getting To Tomamu

Getting To Tomamu

Where is Tomamu Japan?

Tomamu is situated about 150 km to the east of Sapporo in Hokkaido Japan.

The small village of Naka-tomamu sits just near the Tomamu train station, which consists of several houses, a handful of pensions, and a hotel. The nearest decent sized town, Shintoku, is a 20 minute (40km) train ride away.

How to Get to Tomamu

See the getting to Hokkaido page for information on flights to Sapporo.

Travel to Tomamu From Sapporo International Airport

Getting the Train to Tomamu Japan
Tomamu is a very comfortable express train trip from New Chitose Airport (Sapporo International Airport). It’s a 3 minute train ride to the Minami Chitose station (which is one stop from the airport), then 70 minutes to Tomamu. See Japan Navitime for timetables and rates.

From the Tomamu train station it’s only a 5 minute bus ride to the resort. Complimentary transfer buses are at the platform to meet each arriving train which will take you to your hotel.

Bus to Tomamu
You can book shuttles between the airport and Tomamu here (for booking from August onwards and at least 9 days in advance).

Club Med guests can also book scheduled or private transfers via Club Med.

Driving to Tomamu
The drive from the New Chitose Airport to Tomamu takes about 1.5 hours. Take the Do-to Expressway from the Chitose Higashi IC, which is a 15 minute drive from New Chitose Airport, to the Yubari IC. Take National Route 274 for Obihiro and go through the Hotaka Tunnel. Go past the sign for Shimukappu-mura, and then turn left at the Meiseki PA on the right which has a sign pointing to Shimukappu. Or the Tomamu phone number for GPS navigation is 0167-58-1111.

Travel to Tomamu Japan From Sapporo City

Train to Tomamu from Sapporo
You can get a direct train from Sapporo to Tomamu and the travel time is about 100 minutes, then a 5 minute bus to the Tomamu Resort.

Tomamu Bus

You can book shuttles between Sapporo and Tomamu here (for booking from October onwards).

Driving to Tomamu from Sapporo
Take the Do-oh and Do-to expressways from the Sapporo IC to the Yubari IC via the Chitose Eniwa JCT. Take National Route 274 for Obihiro and then follow directions as above. The drive takes about 2 hours 10 minutes. 

From Asahikawa City & Airport

You can book a bus between Asahikawa and Tomamu.

Transport Between Tomamu and Furano

If you’re staying at Tomamu, you can get a bus to Furano to ski for the day. Hokkaido Resort Liner runs a bus from Tomamu to Furano each morning, but not quite early enough to get there for first lifts. The bus from Furano to Tomamu is in the afternoon.

If you’re staying in Furano and want to ski at Tomamu for the day and don’t have a car, you can get to Tomamu from Furano as part of a guided ski or snowboard trip for the day. These are for private groups ie solos or couple can’t join a mixed group. Private ski and snowboard lessons can be conducted at Tomamu and include transport from Furano to Tomamu.

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Getting Around Tomamu

Getting around between the Tomamu hotels and restaurants areas is very easy. The entire village is linked together by a very efficient and regular shuttle bus service that circulates every 15 minutes from 6:30am to 9:50pm. It stops at the Risonare, Forest Restaurant Nininupuri, The Tower, Ice Village (Buffet Dining Hal), Resort Center and Mina-mina Beach.

It's also easy to walk around many parts of the base area without trudging in the deep snow. There are indoor passageways that connect the Risonare to Nininupuri, The Village Alpha, The Tower, Foresta Mall, and the building with Buffet Dining Hal adjacent to the ice village. The connecting passages might be indoors, but they are not heated so rug up!

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Other resorts nearby include:

Shuttle buses are available (bookable after August) between:

Club Med and Tomamu Resort sometimes provide bus services between Tomamu and Sahoro, so guests can enjoy a day at the other resort.