USA Heli Skiing

Heliskiing is the pinnacle of machine access skiing & boarding - Helitrax Telluride
US heli skiing offers terrain for all levels - cruisy terrain with Helitrax Telluride
Selkrik Powder near Schweitzer Ski Resort is one of the USA's newest hei ski ops
Most of the big US heli ski operations reside in Alaska - Points North Heliskiing
In AK you can heli ski & heli board some of the steepest lines on the planet - Black Ops Valdez
And the powder in Alaska is also mind-blowing - Points North Heli
Now that's one incredible heli landing pad - SEABA Heli Skiing, Haines AK
Heli skiing in AK is based in some of the most incredible places on earth - SEABA Heli, Hains AK
Points North Heli is located in the beautiful remote town of Cordova in AK
Chugach Powder Guides heli skiing operate next to Alyeska ski resort in AK
Alaska Snowboard Guides operate out of an RV camping area near Thompson's Pass in AK
Black Ops Valdez have a boat & heli combo trip; living aboard the boat
Sweet lines near Cordova in AK with Points North Heli Skiing
Chugach Powder Guides are a significant US heli operation based in Girdwood AK at the base of Alyeska resort
Just flying around the scenery is breathtaking - SEABA Heliskiing Haines AK
The perfect heli line with Chugach Powder Guides AK Alaska
Chugach heli and other US heli operations have a cat backup for bad weather days
The remote wilderness in AK is a wild experience - Black Ops Valdez
Heli assisted touring is becoming more popular with US heli operations - Points North Heliskiing
So get out there and give yourself the most exciting time of your like heli skiing in the USA - Valdez Heli Ski AK

USA Heli Skiing

A powder hound may look like they have fleas when they’re itching to get a necessary fix of fresh powder. In the US where many ski resorts have a high ratio of skiers per acre, the chances of sniffing out powder without going backcountry are slim. The obvious treatment for a powder hound with an itch - a good dose of heli skiing (or heli boarding).

Heli Skiing USA

The largest concentration of heli ski operators in the United States is in the Chugach Range in Alaska near Girdwood (Chugach Powder Guides), Valdez (Valdez Heli Ski Guides, Black Ops Valdez) and Cordova (Points North). Alaska Heli Skiing is world renowned for riding the steep and deep.

In continental USA (ie the lower 48 states or “outside”) there are relatively few heli-ski companies, especially when compared to heli skiing Canada. There is only one helicopter ski operation in each of the states of Wyoming, Washington, Nevada, and a few Utah heli skiing options. Idaho heli skiing includes Selkirk Powder Guides Heli Skiing near Schweitzer and there's an outfit near Sun Valley.

Heli skiing Colorado consists of two operations: Helitrax is located at Telluride ski resort; and Silverton Mountain has Silverton heli skiing as part of their repertoire.

Types of Heli Skiing

Heli skiing (and heli-boarding) in continental USA is somewhat different to the typical style of heli skiing Canada. Instead of multi-day trips that offer remote backcountry lodging, all heli ski operations offer single day trips. Some even have one or two run options. Multi-day packages are also on offer, some of which include various accommodation options at a nearby ski resort.

In Alaska, some companies such as Points North offer the typical Canadian style of multi-day heli trips, whilst a few also offer single days (e.g. Valdez Heli Ski Guides, Black Ops Valdez), some of which are charged according to the amount of flying time. Some companies use snowcats as a backup alternative when the heli is unable to fly due to weather conditions.

Heli Ski Terrain in the US

The Alaska heli skiing terrain differs somewhat from that in continental USA. In Alaska the tree line is low at about 450 metres (1,500 feet) above sea level, so opportunities for tree skiing are very limited. The treeless alpine terrain is similar to heli skiing New Zealand and heli skiing Chile. In the other states of the USA it is similar to heli skiing Canada whereby the terrain includes a mix of high alpine and tree skiing, which provides the advantage of less “no-fly” days because the trees afford some protection from the weather.

In Alaska, the ski terrain is often on glaciated peaks where the maritime snowpack is strong. With less avalanche risk and snow that sticks to even the steepest faces, the likelihood of skiing 60 degree pitches is greater, which is why Alaska gets the reputation for extreme heli skiing. Of course you don’t have to be a stunt skier as more gentle terrain is also on offer.

There is no shortage of powder in Alaska. The annual snowfall in the Chugach Range is anywhere from 30 to 80 feet (9.1 to 24.4 metres) per year, but it’s generally wettish powder. Other US helicopter ski areas also receive significant snowfall but the powder is much drier.

Many heli ski operators guarantee a certain number of vertical feet for each package they sell. The amount of vertical per run varies between operators, between runs, and will be dependent upon the weather, snow conditions and terrain available on any given day.

See our USA heli-ski comparison document to compare the average annual snowfall, size of terrain and the daily vertical for the US heliski operators.

Typical Heliski Costs

Heli-skiing in the USA is generally more expensive than New Zealand heli skiing or heli skiing BC, but it really depends upon the currency exchange. Consider the cost as a wise investment in fresh powder happiness!

See our compare USA heli skiing document to look at the costs for each of the operators and different packages on offer.

Go Heli Skiing or Heli-Boarding

A helicopter is the ultimate super fast chairlift that provides access to fresh tracks all day. Definitely give it a go. In the words of Warren Miller "if you don't do it this year, you'll just be one year older when you do."

Top Rated USA Heli Ski Packages
Points North Mixed Group Heli Ski Weeks
Includes 4 hours heli time (approx 24-30 runs)
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Join Points North Heli Ski for an adventure of a lifetime in the epic Chugach range near Cordova. The week-long-package runs from Saturday to Saturday from mid Feb to late April. Packages are all inclusive with 4 hours of heli-time, exclusive lodging, all (chef prepared) meals, avo safety gear & more
Price p/p From price based on twin/double-share room (per person).
Base/invoice currency is in USD ex taxes & gartuities.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
AUD 9,058
View Details
Valdez Heli Guides Mixed Group Packages
7 nights, includes 5 hours Hobbs
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Whether you are a solo or have a small group, join Valdez Heli Guides in the adventure of a lifetime skiing or riding the legendary Chugach range! Packages are 7 days (running from Sat to Sat each week from late Feb).
Price p/p Per person from price based on 7-day mixed group heli skiing packages.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
AUD 18,116
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Black Ops Valdez Mixed Group Packages
7 nights, 5 hours heli time (approx 40 runs)
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Blacks Ops Valdez offer multi-day packages as either 3, 5, or 7 nights. the 7-night packages start on Sunday's whereas the 3 & 5 night packages can start on other days of the week subject to availability. All packages come with deluxe lodging, gourmet meals & hobbs flight-time (to ensure you get maximum value).
Price p/p From price based on 7 night package in a private room.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
AUD 14,130
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Telluride Helitrax - Day Heli Skiing
6 Runs of Powder Heaven!
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
Solo skiers/boarders, small groups & larger groups can enjoy an epic day of heliskiing at Telluride Helitrax. And if you’re skiing at Vail or Aspen, they can organise a same-day charter flight (fixed wing aircraft) to get you to Telluride. Have an awesome day heli-skiing & be home in time for dinner with the family!
Price p/p From price based on single day of heliskiing (6 runs) per person (1-3 in group) for 2020 season.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
AUD 1,949
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ASG Classic Package
Valdez, Alaska | 4 Hours Heli Time
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
This package is designed for people who chose to stay in RVs that are rented in Anchorage from Clippership RVs and driven to Thompson Pass. If you rent an RV, ASG recommend you stay at their basecamp! The package includes 4 hours flight-time + avi gear rentals.
Price p/p From price based on the 7-day classic package without lodging.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
AUD 9,413
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