Skiing North Macedonia 

Ski & Snowboard Macedonia (Eskimo Freeride Cat Skiing)
Cat Ski Macedonia (Eskimo Freeride)
Ski Macedonia and visit beautiful Skopje
Ski Macedonia - Popova Sapka Ski Resort
Ski Macedonia and eat ........... lots! (Eskimo Freeride)
Ski Macedonia and stay in some most unusual hotels in Skopje.
Ski Macedonia for long powder lines (Eskimo Freeride).
Ski Macedonia (Eskimo Freeride).
Ski Macedonia at Popova Sapka ski resort. (photo Eskimo Freeride)
Ski and snowboard Macedonia.

Skiing North Macedonia 

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Ski & Snowboard North Macedonia

Skiing and snowboarding in North Macedonia is hinged on a couple of reasonable ski resorts, but mainly on backcountry powder & some of Europe's longest running and best cat skiing operations. North Macedonia is a surprising melting pot of cultures with an amazing history & cuisine that needs to be eaten to be believed!

North Macedonia is attractive as a powder ski destination because of its abundance of snow & lack of local freeriders (lots of freshies for visitors!) in a country that is cheap but with a people, culture & food that are gold-plated.

Ski Resorts & Cat Skiing in North Macedonia

It is important to understand that ski resorts in North Macedonia are not the über modern monstrosities of the Alps in Austria, France, Italy or Switzerland. Ski lifts tend to be old & slow. Grooming of piste trails is poor & overall facilities are on the ‘run-down’ side of the 'scale of maintenance'!

In reality there are only two of any real note, plus a number of cat ski operations. Popova Sapka (translates into 'the Priest's Hat - long story!) is Macedonia's premier ski resort. It has a skiable vertical of over 800m plus expansive off piste & backcountry terrain.

Operating out of the Popova Sapka ski resort, Eskimo Freeride cat skiing provides backcountry powder skiing for all levels of skier & snowboarding from intermediate to expert. Eskimo Freeride especially welcomes families (with children 12 & over) & can provide child-friendly cat ski options that are unique in the world, noting however that a visit to North Macedonia is not like any ski resort in Western Europe.

In the south of the country near the border with Greece, Pelister has a National Park with a small ski centre and a fabulous cat skiing operation called SF Freeride. The area is worth a few days visit for powder skiing, views, food & unparalleled hospitality.

The other North Macedonian ski resort to consider is Mavrovo, situated midway between Popova & Pelister on the border with Albania & close the magnificent Mt Korab.

Where is North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is the newest country in the world! Previously known as FYROM (the former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia), the name changed in early 2019. The country is in the Balkans, bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece & Albania. It is approximately 950km south of Vienna in Austria.

The main gateway airport to North Macedonia is the magnificently titled Alexander the Great Airport near the capital, Skopje. We recommend using quality airlines flying out of major European airports like Vienna & Zurich. Daily flights from Vienna to Skopje take around 1hr 35min. Regular direct flights from Zurich take around 2hr. Flight costs are relatively cheap, however the budget airlines operating out of secondary airports in Germany etc. are in the “you get what you pay for” category.

Search & book a great deal on a flight to Skopje here.

Powderhounds recommends pre-organising direct private transfers from the airport to your ski destination with your tour operator or hotel provider prior to arrival.

See our Travel to North Macedonia page for more information on how to get there.

Skopje Hotels & Accommodation

The capital, Skopje, is a wonderful city to spend a few days before or after your ski adventure in Macedonia. Overlooked by the walls and turrets of the Skopje Fortress (or Kale), the city centre has several excellent (& unusual!) hotel options & attractions such a fun restaurant district & bazaar. A night in the Hotel Senigallia on the Vardar River in the centre of Skopje is a fun way to experience the city.

Search & book all Skopje accommodation here.

For accommodation in general, the standard in North Macedonia is lower than in Western Europe. Whilst there are some notable exceptions (like the excellent Hotel Sumski Feneri near Pelister), it is best to keep your expectations lower than the number of stars indicated on the hotel sign! Regardless of the room amenities, the food at all Macedonian hotels will never disappoint.

Reasons to Ski & Snowboard Macedonia

Macedonia is still wild at heart. How many places in Europe still have bears, wolves, lynx & ................ cat skiing! North Macedonia gets great snow, is light on the hip pocket (cheap!) has delectable food and still has a sense of edgy adventure when travelling there. For something completely different, ski and snowboard Macedonia.


The Powderhounds reviewed skiing in North Macedonia in 2019 visiting Popova Shapka (skiing the resort, touring the backcountry & cat-skiing with Eskimo Freeride) & Pelister (cat skiing with SF Freeride). The experience was way better than we expected – high adventure, some wonderful powder, delectable cuisine & great people. Stay tuned for more of our photos & insights.

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