Ski Norway. (Photo Kim Havell)
Expect some great snow in Norway (Roldal ski resort).
Skiing above the Arctic Circle at Narvikfjellet ski resort.
Ski Norway (Roldal ski Resort).
Get close & personal with polar bears on Svalbard. (Photo Will Wissman)
Ski Norway for the Aurora Borealis (Narvikfjellet ski resort).
Ski-in accommodation at Kvitfjell, the Gubrandsgard Hotel.
Summer snowboarding at the Fonna Glacier ski resort near Bergen.
Remote Norwegian ski adventure on Svalbard (Ice Axe Expeditions).
Ski Norway (Narvikfjellet ski resort).
Ski resort base area at Kvitfjell.
Powderhounds love it when it pewks in Norway (Myrkdalen ski resort).
Off piste skiing above the Narvikfjellet ski resort.
Roldal ski resort.
Boat based ski adventure anyone? Svalbard. (Ice Axe Expeditions)
Ski Norway (Narvikfjellet ski resort).
Ski Norway (Myrkdalen ski resort).
Ski Norway.


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Ski Norway

Skiing Norway is generally for more adventurous Powderhounds looking for something completely different. Whether it is a traditional & fun ski resort near Oslo or Bergen, summer glacier skiing overlooking fjords, or remarkably wild & remote ski touring above the Arctic Circle like Narvik, Lyngen Alps (Tromso) & the island of Svalbard, Norway has it all.

Norway Ski Resorts

Ski resorts in Norway are generally smaller and lower than those in the main European ski destinations of Austria, France, Italy or Switzerland. That said, there is no need for a ski resort to be high elevation this far north of the equator. You can breathe easy while skiing in Norway as most ski resorts summits top out at less than 1200m above sea level.

Norway's largest ski resorts are all within a 400km radius of Oslo and the coastal city of Bergen. Trysil ski resort gets the chocolates for Norway's biggest (and busiest) skiing area. It has over 70km of ski trails and 30 modern lifts across its 700m skiable vertical. Second is Hemsedal ski resort with over 44km of trails, 18 lifts and a healthy vertical of 830m. Norefjell, closer to Oslo, has the highest skiable vertical of over 1000m.

Classic Norwegian ski resorts in the Telemark region near Rauland and north of the Winter Olympic host town of Lillehammer, including Hafjell and Kvitfjell, are worth a look too. East of Bergen are two great little ski resorts called Voss and Myrkdalen.

Perhaps Norway's snowiest ski resort, Roldal, gets a not too shabby 11m of snow every year - enough for a snorkel to be required on occasions! Above the Arctic Circle in the land of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) the intriguing Narvikfjellet rises above the fjords in dramatic style. One can even ski in summer at the quirky Stryn Sommerski Centre or the Fonna Glacier ski resort (we use the term 'ski resort' loosely in relation to Strynn and Fonna!).

Ski Touring Norway

To get the most out of Norway's ski terrain, long late Spring days & gorgeous coastal scenery, getting away from the ski lifts is essential. Ski touring in Norway opens up countless mountains where solitude, beauty & unsullied powder reign supreme. See the video in the header from Alexander Skau for a taste test!

Travel To & Around Norway

Travelling in Norway during winter can be an epic adventure in itself. From Norway's international gateway airport at Gardermoen (45 km north of the capital Oslo) a few 1000km of remote mountains, deep valleys, rivers, lakes and fjords extend toward the Arctic. The geography of Norway can make the shortest of journeys a lifetime memory. Sometimes in Norway, travel by trains, planes & ferries easily trump car & buses.

Oslo (Gardermoen) Airport receives direct daily flights from most European, UK & USA origin cities (fly direct from Las Vegas - go figure!). Additional, but less frequent, flights originate from the Middle East & Asia (Bangkok). The airport has its own train station providing connections to the city every 10 to 20min. For great flight deals to Norway use our flight search tool.

Train journeys to several ski resorts near Lillehammer (Kvitfjell & Hafjell) are wonderfully convenient directly from the airport on the Trondheim line. Voss ski resort is on the spectacular Oslo - Bergen railway line, surely one of world's great train journeys.

For those with some time on their hands, travelling by train to Narvikfjellet ski resort is via Sweden and requires an overnight train from Stockholm crossing the Arctic Circle, entering Norway via the brilliant Swedish ski resort, Riksgransen & then onto the coast at Narvik. A journey of at least 20hr.

Norway Ski Adventures above the Arctic Circle

The real reason to ski or snowboard Norway is for the once in a lifetime experiences. For a true ooooh aaaaah moment, a ski trip above the Arctic Circle in Norway will give one the chance to view the breathtaking Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights). A trip doing lodge or boat-based skiing from mountain summits down into the fjords of the Lyngen Alps near Tromso, 'Mush & Ski' tours with sled dogs, or perhaps a ski tour in polar bear country on Svalbard - Norway is a true adventure ski destination.

Norway is the base for a huge range of backcountry ski & snowboard tour options.


The Powderhounds will review various locations in Norway during season 2019/20. More information is coming soon. Stay tuned for our new photos & insights.

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Tours in Norway

Backcountry Skiing Tours

Lofoten Islands Norway Ski Touring
7 Days | 6 Nights | 5 Ski Days
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Fully hosted & guided small group backcountry ski touring exploring one of the most beautiful sites in Europe, the Lofoten Islands on the Arctic coast of northern Norway. Stay in a fisherman's cabin & ski powder from a different summit every day down to the sea. Private singles or groups apply for your best dates.
Price p/p From price based on 6 nights in shared cabin lodgings.
Base/invoice currency is in EURO inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,072
View Details
Lyngen Alps Norway Ski Touring & Sailing
8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Days Skiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Ski the best untracked powder in Scandinavia amongst the spectacular fjords of the Lyngen Alps in Norway from the comfort of your own boat. Join a "fixed date" tour or get your own group of 4+ together for a custom tour.
Price p/p From price based on twin/double-share room occupancy & a private group of 10.
Base/invoice currency is in EURO inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 3,125
View Details
Ski & Sail Norway - Lyngen Alps
8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Days Skiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
Ski & Sail is the ultimate backcountry powder skiing adventure in the iconic Lyngen Alps of Norway. Ride an endless playground where you select a new line every day. This tour is based on a yacht sailing the fjords & skiing 1000 to 1200m vert a day.
Price p/p From price is based on twin share
Base/invoice currency is EUR
Price includes all taxes
*displayed price may vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations
USD 2,789
View Details
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Boat Skiing Tours

Photo: Kim Havell
9 Days | 8 Nights
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Head way way north to Svalbard for this inimitable ski touring/split boarding experience. Cruise around the Arctic Sea on a sail boat and head ashore to ski amazing mountains in the land of the polar bear. Only 10 guests: join as a solo traveller or small group.
Price p/p
USD 7,000
View Details
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