Hokkaido Explorer Tour

Tomamu Ski Shops

There are a few Tomamu shops that sell a little sports gear, ski clothing, and a limited range of ski and snowboard accessories. I wouldn’t rely on these shops for a ski or snowboard hardwear purchase or to buy your next ski outfit.

The best shop is probably the one in the Resort Centre (where the gondola leaves from).

Grocery Shopping Tomamu

Tomamu is very "resort-like" and has no supermarket or convenience store. The “town” of Tomamu has no facilities for shopping either. Each of the hotels has their own small ‘general store’ where you will find a few basics, but there's not a great range and prices are inflated. The food available tends to be of the snack variety or confectionary gifts.

This is Japan, so of course there are also plenty of vending machines throughout each of the hotels with beer, hot coffee and instant noodles in case you're desperate.

Souvenir Shopping

There are two souvenir shops located in the hotels, and some limited shopping available in the gondola station (resort center). The choice of souvenirs leaves a little bit to be desired (the word “tacky” comes to mind) so don’t promise you will bring home any great gifts from Tomamu!