Activities & Tours

Activities & Tours

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Activities at Tomamu

The list of Tomamu activities is endless. No one will ever be bored at the Tomamu ski resort!

All the Tomamu activities are organised by the resort and are not independently owned and operated. Some of these can be pre-booked (such as cat skiing) whilst others can be arranged on arrival. Many of these activities require a minimum number of people, so if you only have one or two people interested in an activity, don't try and book the day prior or you may be disappointed.

Tomamu Ice Village

Tomamu comes with its own ice village complete with ice bar, ice skating rink, ice chapel and even an ice hotel. This is an amazing spectacle at night as it is all lit up with coloured lights, although it can be a bit cold at night with temperatures sometimes around -15 to -25 degrees C. Brrrrr…..

Tomamu Ski Tours and Activities

Tomamu used to be one of the few areas within Hokkaido with a heli ski operation but unfortunately it no longer operates (you can check out the Shiribetsu Heli Skiing near Niseko and Rusutsu instead).

The Tomamu Cat Skiing operation is very popular. It operates from late January through to early March, but only on the weekends so it's often booked out well in advance.

A little bit of cross country skiing is also available at Tomamu.

Family Activities

There are various family activities at Tomamu and many of these are also suitable for others looking for a bit of fun. Some of the activities include the snow raft park, snowmobiling, curling, dogsledding, snow shoe tours and fishing.

Wave Pool and Onsen

Tomamu has one of the largest wave pools you will ever see. Evidently it cost US$50 Million to build the complex. Labelled the Mina Mina Beach, it is like a tropical oasis with palm trees, deck chairs and sometimes there is Hawaiian music playing in the background! The entrance fee is rather expensive, although it includes the use of multiple spas throughout the complex, the onsens (including an open air bath), and a child specific pool.


There are a few options for massages if your body is shattered after too much skiing or snowboarding (is there such a thing?!). There are Thai massages if you want to be stretched in all directions, or other types of more relaxing massage.