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Asahidake Hokkaido

The Asahidake Ski Resort in Hokkaido Japan is a haven for powder hounds, but it’s not really a resort. It’s essentially a backcountry ski area that has the luxury of being partially serviced by a cable car (the Asahidake Ropeway). Asahidake potentially has some of the best powder in the world, and there are times when the waist deep powder is completely drool worthy for a powder hound.

Ski Asahidake Japan - Pros and Cons

  • Asahidake Ski Resort scores lots of snow and the powder is generally of amazing quality.
  • Relative to mainstream ski resorts, the crowds are minimal.
  • The Asahidake ski area offers plenty of variety and both alpine and tree skiing.
  • Asahidake Onsen accommodation provides reasonably good value for money.
  • The village isn’t called Asahidake Onsen for nothing and there are great hot spring baths for an après ski soak.
  • All that powder doesn’t fall from blue skies and the weather at Asahidake is often foul during the peak of winter. Visibility may be low, the snow in the alpine may be wind scoured, and high winds can close the ropeway.
  • Asahidake Ski Resort is not for beginners, intermediates or those that can’t ride off-piste.
  • You might not score a lot of vertical in a day.
  • The bottom third of the ropeway accessed terrain is rather mellow and many sidecountry lines don’t run fall-line which necessitates some shuffling across flats or skinning/snowshoeing. Some snowboarders may hate Asahidake, especially if they don’t have a guide.
Pro or Con Depending on Your Perspective
  • Asahidake offers amazing powder riding for those who are prepared to at least work a little bit for their turns.
  • Access to some of the best terrain and fresh tracks requires a guide or excellent route-finding nous.
  • The Asahidake Ropeway travels rather quickly but waiting for it to arrive can be a little tiresome.
  • Although very quiet, the tiny Asahidake Onsen village has no hint of “resortification” and provides a chance to immerse yourself in the quirky Japanese culture.

Asahidake Ski and Snowboard Terrain

The Asahidake ski area is smokin’ – literally considering that Asahi-dake is an active volcano with lots of fumaroles emitting steam and gas (so it’s a little stinky at times!).

The Asahidake Ropeway (cable car) provides access to 500 vertical metres of terrain and four groomed mellow trails, but this is definitely not a ski area for beginners or intermediates. These trails are really just cat tracks to facilitate egress from the off-piste playground, much of which consists of lovely tree skiing. The zone under the Asahidake Ropeway tends to get tracked out reasonably quickly because it’s so easily accessible. If you’re willing to earn your turns a little, you can head wider where there are freshies just begging to be ripped up.

There are even more fresh lines further afield or above the ropeway in the alpine areas of Asahi-dake. If you love to earn your turns, you’ll be in powder heaven.

Asahidake Snow

Asahidake has an abundance of powder with an average of about 14 metres of snow per season, but no one really bothers to put too much emphasis on measuring the amount of snow because there’s so much of the white stuff. Asahidake is pretty much the crème de la crème of the powder that Hokkaido skiing is renowned for. This is the highest mountain in Hokkaido (see the Hokkaido snow stats for elevations) so the snow is kept super cold. And unlike Niseko, Asahidake is not near the ocean, so the powder isn’t just dry; it’s often sublime!

Where is Asahidake Ski Resort?

The Asahidake ski area sits on Mount Asahi (no relationship to the beer!), and some folks refer to Asahi-dake as Mt Asahidake, but that’s a bit like calling an “ATM” an “ATM machine”!

Asahidake is part of the Daisetsuzan National Park, and the ropeway sits at the top of Asahidake Onsen, a village with a small collection of hotels with onsen baths.

Asahidake is situated in Central Hokkaido, about 1 hour east of the city of Asahikawa, and approximately 50 minutes from Furano ski resort. You can head to Asahidake on a guided multi-day tour or a day tour from Furano, so that you have a guide to show you the best way to navigate the ski area.

Asahidake Accommodation

Asahidake Onsen is a small village that consists of a handful of hotels and a couple of hostels. The Asahidake accommodation is dotted along the road below the ropeway building.

Asahidake Hotels Listings

Evening entertainment generally consists of dinner at your hotel. The Asahidake nightlife is so sedate that it’s almost non-existent unless you make your own fun with your duty free alcohol or beers from the vending machine, so you’d probably only want to stay in the village for a maximum of 3 to 4 nights.

Considering the fickle weather, staying in Asahidake attracts the risk that you’ll be sitting in an onsen all day if the ropeway closes, or travelling to another ski area that copes with strong winds.

Alternatively Asahidake can be accessed as a day trip from Asahikawa or Furano. See the Asahikawa hotels and Furano accommodation pages for information on lodging options.

Activities & Facilities

Asahi-dake is in a national park so it has very limited facilities, but the powder hunters that frequent Asahidake don’t seem to mind.

The ropeway building has an inexpensive cafeteria, a small food kiosk and a little shop that sells basics such as beanies and gloves, but that’s about the extent of the amenities at the Asahidake ski area.

Other than the backcountry skiing, winter activities at Asahidake are somewhat limited. There are a few cross country ski trails, and of course the village wouldn’t be called Asahidake Onsen unless it had the obligatory onsen baths! The hot springs are housed within the Asahidake hotels and visitors can pay a fee to visit the hot springs if they’re not staying at the hotel.
Tours That May Include Asahidake

Safari (Road Trip) Tours

Hokkaido Storm Chaser
7 Days | 6 Nights | 6 Ski Areas
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Chase the storms and access the deepest and best quality snow conditions on the day in the Otaru area and Central Hokkaido's world famous deep dry powder. Share
Price p/p Displayed price may cary slightly due to exchange rates fluctuations
Base/invoice currency is JPY
Price includes 13% tax.
Base/invoice currency is JPY
Price includes 13% tax.
USD 3,075
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 Book by Aug 31 & take 6.5% (30,000 yen) off displayed prices
Hokkaido Backcountry
7 Nights | 8 Days
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Jump on the Hokkaido Backcountry Powder Quest tour & experience the magical powder wonderland Hokkaido is famous for along with its rich culture & incredible cuisine. Join as a solo, couple or small group; max 6 guests per tour & guaranteed departures.
Price p/p Price per person, based on 2025 group tour
USD 4,499
View Details
Hokkaido Safari
12 Days | Up to 11 Days Guided Skiing/Riding
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Explore multiple Hokkaido ski areas on this amazing powder progression adventure for advanced to expert skiers & boarders. Locations include the Otaru/Sapporo & Furano ski areas. Groups of up to 4 guests are guided by 1 guide. From price is based on twin share in deluxe western-style room.
Price p/p From price based on double-share room staying at La Vista Furano Hotel & Dormy Inn Premium Otaru; 4 on tour for 2024 season.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 4,335
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Single-Base, Multi-Ski-Area Tours

Furano/Central Hokkaido Experience
7 Nights | 5 Days Guided | 1 Unguided free day | Furano + 4
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
Experience the best powder that Furano & the Central Hokkaido region has to offer. Venture off-piste in Furano, Kamui, Tomamu, Sahoro & Asahidake with some local guides for the total Central Hokkaido ski/board adventure. It’s their passion to show you what skiing/riding in Japan is all about!
Price p/p From price based on twin/triple-share room for 2025 season.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc. taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,111
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Central Hokkaido Tour
10 Nights | 8 Days Skiing/Riding
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Avoid the crowds and revel in the renowned high quality Central Hokkaido powder at Furano, Asahidake, Kamui Links, and hidden gems such as Pippu, Sahoro and Tomamu. Mostly lift accessed powder hunting, plus the option to do a little hiking to get more goods.
Price p/p From price based on twin/double-share group option for mid season 2024 tours per person.
Base/invoice currency is in Japanese yen inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,848
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Furano Day Guiding
For private groups of up to 6 participants
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Looking for a guide for a day or more for yourself and up to 4 other friends from Furano? Terrain focus is off-piste, sidecountry & backcountry at destinations include Furano, Kamui, Asahidake, Tomamu, Pippu & Sahoro. Touring options at Furanodake, Tokahidake & Kurodake available. Enquire for details.
Price p/p Price per person per day in yen assuming 5 people in group, peak season, 2024-25 season
USD 121
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Single-Base, Single-Ski-Area Tours

Hokkaido Northside
7 Days | 6 Nights | 5 Days Guided Skiing
Ability: Advanced to Expert
The Hokkaido Northside Kurodake Tour incorporates a mixture of lift assisted sidecountry plus backcountry touring, with a focus of riding at the famed Kurodake, renowned for being steep & deep. You will be rewarded with face shots of the deepest & driest powder on planet earth!
Price p/p From price is based on per person min 3 people on tour
Bas/invoice currency is JPY
Displayed price in other currencies may vary slightly to actual due to exchange rate fluctuations.
USD 2,580
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Backcountry Skiing Tours

Furano Backcountry Tour
7 Nights | 6 Guided Days
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Stay in Furano and human powered touring will get you to the best Central Hokkaido powder lines. Join as a solo, couple or small group; max 6 guests per tour & guaranteed departures.
Price p/p Price per person, based on 2025 group tour
USD 4,299
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Hidden Hokkaido
9 Days | 8 Nights
Ability: Advanced
Ideal for advanced skiers & riders as an intro to powder or powder progression. Head to the best of the Hokkaido ski resorts from the bases of Niseko & Furano & get guided to the best lift-accessed powder stashes.
Price p/p
USD 3,752
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High Earnings
8 Nights | 7 Guided Days
Ability: Advanced to Expert
Enter the powder room! Visit some of Hokkaido's most remote locations and best backcountry zones. This trip has a backcountry touring focus and the skins will probably go on every day but your group will be within reach of ski resorts if the weather isn't suitable for touring or the lift accessed pow looks too good!
Price p/p From price based on twin/triple-share 2023-24 season.
Price per person for a group of 5 with 1 guide for 9 day package. Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,472
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