Sundance Ski Resort

Sundance Ski Resort Utah
Sundance Resort
Delightfully deep in Utah powder
Sundance Ski Resort
Sundance ski terrain
Another deep moment at Sundance Utah
Sundance Utah
Great dining opportunities
No crowds to share the powder with
A spot of nightlife
Phenomenal scenery
Light blower powder
Sundance Resort
Heaven for powder hounds
Sundance Ski Resort
Sundance Utah
Sundance accommodations
Sundance Resort
Sundance Resort
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Sundance Ski Resort

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Sundance Ski Resort Utah

It snows a lot in Utah. Some mountains get more than others, but they all tend to have in common that one thing – snow. But scratch the surface of some of the better known Utah ski resorts and you’ll find pushy crowds, huge competition for freshies, and soulless accommodations designed by architectural philistines. Sundance Resort doesn’t suffer from any of those afflictions.

In the shadows of Mt Timpanogos lies the beautiful and unique Sundance ski resort. Sundance owner and film legend Robert Redford didn’t quite get it right when he wrote of Sundance, “What we offer in the form of art and culture, spirit and service is home grown and available to all. We hope you like it.” He grossly understated the appeal of this mountain. You won’t just like it at Sundance, you’ll love, adore and cherish it. You will soon realise that however long you have booked to stay at Sundance simply isn’t long enough. Sundance is a ski resort like no other.

Sundance Ski and Snowboard Terrain

It’s as though the good people at Sundance have deliberately understated their terrain. A quick look at a terrain map doesn’t reveal too much. But in the flesh, this little piece of paradise is a triple layer cake of fun. Three elderly chairlifts get you up the hill at a civil pace, allowing one to survey the generous assortment of bowls, gullies and trees. Whilst it gets a little less snow than some if its more famous siblings up the road, stick around and at some stage you’ll have to (literally) break out the snorkel!

Where is the Sundance Resort?

Sundance is located in the powder capital of the world – Utah. It is located 13 miles (21km) northeast of Provo, an hour drive south of Salt Lake City. The resort is accessed via Provo Canyon.

Sundance Accommodations

The Sundance resort village is both rustic and charming. It sits unobtrusively in the bottom of the canyon with the various accommodations secreted up the hillside in amongst the woods. All of the rooms are superbly appointed and decorated, plus most are fully self-contained. See the Sundance lodging page for more information or click here for online bookings.

If for some inexplicable rationale you don’t want to stay overnight at Sundance, the nearby cities of Provo and of course Salt Lake City have a plethora of accommodation options.

Sundance Facilities

Sundance has all the facilities and exceptional service one would expect of a high end ski resort. It has the added bonus of a thriving arts scene that one can actively participate in regardless of how pitifully untalented you may be (the author included!).

Throw in some of the best restaurants in Utah, a great bar and stylish but affordable shopping, all wrapped up in a western frontier styled village, and you have the true definition of a ski tourists dream.

Why Ski or Snowboard at Sundance?

It’s beautiful at Sundance. You will feel relaxed. The accommodation is gorgeous. The skiing is great and freshies can last for days (midweek nirvana!). The food is some of the most wholesome and satisfying in the US. Definitely add Sundance to your Utah ski holiday.

Sundance scores a couple of “best skiing in USA” awards from Powderhounds for the powder and the restaurants, and Sundance also gets full marks for its family friendliness.
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