Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts

Akakura Onsen, the main village of Myoko Kogen
Powder skiing Akakura Myoko
Myoko Akakura village and ski areas
Myoko Kogen Powder
Lots of opportunities for face shots!
Many of the Myoko hotels and pensions have an onsen
Myoko Kogen Snow
Night skiing at Akakura Onsen
Myoko Japan has some nice tree skiing
Myoko Kogen Japan
Mt Myoko Japan
Much of the Myoko Kogen accommodation is Japanese style
Myoko Kogen Japan
Main street of Akakura Onsen village
It snows a lot!
With Myoko Powder Packages you can head to Madarao for more powder
Nearby Madarao is also great for powder hounds
Seki Onsen Myoko Japan
There are fresh tracks galore at nearby Togakushi
Seki Onsen Myoko

Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts

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Myoko Kogen

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Myoko Kogen Japan

The Myoko Kogen ski area is ideal for powder hounds. It scores highly on the pow-dometer thanks to a whopping 13 metres of pow per season on average, and in the 2014-15 season Myoko Kogen notched up over 16 metres of snowfall! Myoko Kogen is also great for those looking for a bit of a Japanese cultural experience. It is a far cry from one of those glitzy bubble era resorts or the highly westernised “Japanese” ski resorts. Founded in the 1930s, Myoko is rich in history, Japanese people own most of the businesses, and the area has lots of unadulterated onsens. Lots of westerners now head to Myoko so it’s lost a little bit of its Japanese-ness, but the upside is that it’s now much easier for English speaking travellers. 

Summary of Pros and Cons

  • The Myoko ski areas are a must do for powder hounds considering the quantity of snow and the opportunity to get off-piste (in some areas).
  • Powder hounds can easily also visit nearby ski areas such as Madarao, Tangram or  Lotte Arai to score more pow.
  • Akakura Onsen has a good range of restaurants to explore and most of the restaurants and izakayas (Japanese bars that serve snack food) have English menus, and the staff speak at least a little Engrish.
  • There has been a moderate influx of gaijin but it’s still retained its Japanese flavour. Particularly if you venture away from Akakura, plenty of the “real Japan” remains (although the local ladies don’t wear a kimono out powder skiing!).
  • Myoko is one of only several Japanese ski resorts to offer child care and group ski and snowboard lessons in English. The other ski resorts that have this pro tend to be very westernised.
  • Japanese people are incredibly polite and friendly, but the Myoko Kogen locals in particular seem to exude major affability. Smiles abound and most service staff bend over backwards with hospitality.
  • There isn’t that much to do during the day except ski or snowboard.
  • The villages look a little run down in places, but the upside of it not being glitzy and new is that it feels somewhat traditional (and a sign that there hasn’t been a major injection of western money).
  • The two ski areas adjacent to the main village (Akakura) don’t provide much in the way of steep fall line terrain, and despite “Kogen” meaning “highlands”, these ski areas aren’t very high. However this isn’t an issue at nearby Seki Onsen or Suginohara.
  • As is typical of the non-westernised Japanese ski resorts, there is negligible self-contained accommodation such as apartments in Myoko Japan.

Myoko Ski Resort Terrain

There isn’t actually a Myoko Kogen ski resort per se. The Myoko area is made up of several ski resorts that are largely linked together only by shuttle bus. The main ski area is Myoko Akakura which is made up of two resorts side by side; Akakura Kanko ski resort and Akakura Onsen. Suginohara ski resort features super long cruisy groomers and good sidecountry, Seki Onsen is renowned for steep and deep tree skiing, Ikenotaira Onsen has good freestyle fun, and family friendly slopes can be found at Kyukamura and Myoko Ski Park.

There’s something for everyone across the Myoko Kogen ski resorts although the area is most well known amongst powder hounds for the treed slopes, off-piste riding and long vertical. Some of the Myoko ski resorts also have sidecountry and backcountry opportunities. Of course Myoko Kogen is also famed for the abundant snow which results from its proximity to the Sea of Japan.

Where is Myoko Japan? Myoko Kogen is located one hour north of Nagano in the Niigata prefecture in the heart of the Joshinetsu National Park. From Tokyo the best way to get there is to take the Nagano Shinkansen (bullet train) to Nagano (approx 100 minutes), then the Shinetsu train line to Myoko Kogen Station. The ski villages such as Akakura Onsen are approximately 10 minutes from the station via bus or taxi.

Alternatively there are direct shuttle buses from the Tokyo airports to Myoko Kogen with Nagano Snow Shuttle.

Myoko Kogen Accommodation “Myoko” is the town in the valley near Myokokogen train station, but many people stay in one of the ski villages up at the base of the ski resorts. Akakura Onsen is generally the most popular village to stay because it offers good access to the main ski resorts, and has the largest number of bars and restaurants. 

Myoko accommodation varies from traditional pensions, ryokans and lodges, to more European style hotels. You can look at Myoko Kogen accommodation options or book a Myoko Powder Package which includes lodging, hosting, transport to nearby ski areas, and guiding. 

Myoko Accommodation Listings

Facilities, Activities & Nightlife

Even though Myoko Kogen has a bit of a traditional Japanese vibe, the facilities are reasonably well set up for Westerners and families, including English speaking ski school and day care.

The mandatory après activity is to take a soak in one of the many onsens, which range from hotel based onsens to delightful outdoor hot springs that are surrounded by forests or offer views. Due to its proximity to Nagano, Myoko Kogen also provides access to some culturally interesting side trips.

Myoko is not a place with an overly vibrant nightlife, but there are lots of small bars and traditional restaurants where you can partake in some kanpai.
Tours That Include Myoko

Safari (Road Trip) Tours

Alps to Coast Tour
9 Nights | Option of 1 Day Cat Skiing | Deluxe Option
Ability: Advanced to Expert
This backcountry tour includes the HAKUBA region with its steep alpine terrain and the MYOKO area which receives big snow falls. Choose from either a side country tour (lift accessed backcountry) or ski touring/skinning backcountry. Option to include a day of cat skiing & option for deluxe accommodation.
Price p/p From price based on a twin share room for group tour for 2020 (price displayed is per person).
Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,898
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Pow Pow Japan Tour
Cultural Ski & Snowboard Adventure
Ability: Beginner to Expert
Ski Japan's famous powder in conjunction with a rich cultural experience on this hosted tour. The tour is hosted by a local Japanese person who speaks fluent English; whilst the focus of the tours is primarily snow sports, you will experience the culture, food & festivities beyond the normal ski/snowboard adventure.
Price p/p From price based on 8-day sample itinerary, twin-share room (group of 6).
Base/invoice currency is in Japanese Yen inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,520
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Fire & Snow
8 Nights | 7 Days Skiing/Riding
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
Improve your powder skiing/riding ability whilst visiting some of the best ski areas in Nagano & Niigata including Nozawa Onsen, Lotte Arai, Myoko Kogen, Madarao/Tangram, Shiga Kogen & finish with the Nozawa Fire Festival. Also visit the snow monkeys, Matsumoto Castle, sake brewery & onsens.
Price p/p From price is based twin/triple-share rooms (private room upgrade is extra & is subject to availability at time of booking)
Base/invoice currency is in Japanese Yen inclusive of tax
*Display price may vary slightly due to fluctuation in exchange rates.
USD 2,475
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Single-Base, Multi-Ski-Area Tours

Myoko Progression Tours
8 Days | 7 Nights | 5 Days Skiing | Up to 7 Ski Areas
Ability: Beginner to Advanced
Want to improve your riding to tackle bigger and better terrain? Well this tour could be for you! Get ski or snowboard instruction and learn to ride & ski deep powder whilst immersing yourself in Japanese culture.
Price p/p From price based on twin/triple/quad-share room occupancy.
Base/invoice currency is in AUD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,207
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Myoko Deep Tour
7 Nights | 5 Days Guided Skiing / Riding
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
The MYOKO KOGEN area receives some of the highest snow falls in Japan. On this Myoko tour you can head deep into the backcountry or just score the powder in the sidecountry (lift accessed) terrain of Myoko and surrounding ski areas.
Price p/p From price based on a twin share room for fixed date group tour 2020 (price displayed is per person).
Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,116
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Myoko Powder Packages
7 Nights | 6 Days Lifts | 5 Days Guiding
Ability: Intermediate to Advanced
Get the best out of Myoko Kogen and nearby ski areas and chase the powder with a Powder Recon Myoko Kogen ski package. This hosted package tour includes accommodation at a quality Japanese hotel/ryokan. Great for families as well! The sample price is for 7 nights, but you can customise (pending availability).
Price p/p Sample price based on twin/double-share option based on 7-night sample package
Base/invoice currency is in AUD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,373
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Backcountry Skiing Tours

Hakuba Guided Day Tours
For PRIVATE & MIXED (early season only) GROUPS of up to 5 people
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
If you are in the HAKUBA area you can't go past a day or more of guided skiing or snowboarding in the backcountry or sidecountry. Tours are for PRIVATE or MIXED GROUPS of up to 5 guests. So get a group together or join a group as a solo traveler, couple or small group.
Price p/p From price based on a group touring (price displayed is per person).
Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 175
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Myoko Guided Day Tours
For PRIVATE & MIXED (early season) GROUPS of up to 5 people
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
If you are in the MYOKO area, you can't go past a day or more of guided skiing or snowboarding. The area (& also other nearby resorts) is huge & some of the best skiing is outside of the resort boundaries which should only be accessed with a guide. Bring your own group (of up to 5) or join a group as a solo/small group
Price p/p From price based on group tour per person.
Base/invoice currency is in JPY inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 175
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