Iceland Skiing

Ski Iceland ©Michael Neuman
Iceland powder skiing ©Michael Neuman
Icelandic ski resorts are smallish but snow-laden & include Hlíðarfjall
Ski touring leads to wonderful summit to sea descents in Iceland (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Iceland backcountry skiing (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Heliski Iceland (photo Viking Heliskiing)
Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland
Alpine Ski Touring in Landmannalaugar is amongst an active volcanic landscape (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Powder skiing at Hlíðarfjall ski resort in northern Iceland
Winter nights in Iceland are spectacular
Ski touring in Iceland (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Ski to the sea in Iceland's fjords (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Heli ski powder in Iceland (photo Viking Heliskiing)
Blafjoll ski resort near Reykjavik Iceland
Iceland backcountry skiing
enjoy thermal hot springs throughout Iceland (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Northern lights
Sigló Hotel facilities in the village of Siglufjörður near the famed Troll Peninsula
Northern lights over the Landmannalaugar region in central Iceland (photo Icelandic Mountain Guides)
Ski Iceland

Iceland Skiing

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Skiing Iceland

Skiing Iceland is perfect for when the snows start melting in the mainland Europe ski resorts. Iceland has a deep, cold snowpack well into late May & early June making it perfect for skiing spring powder & corn all the way to sea level. The Icelandic ski resorts are small, so the journey across the Atlantic Ocean is usually made with heli-skiing & boat or land-based ski touring in mind.

Skiing in the mountains & fjords of northern Iceland combines with the country's unique 'fire & ice' natural environment enhancing any Iceland snow holiday experience. But visitors be warned. Many of the alleged sightseeing highlights of southern Iceland have been way over-hyped & have succombed to mass tourism of the worst kind. If you want to see the real iceland, it is in the north. So happens that is where the best ski terrain is too!

Iceland Ski Resorts

Iceland's numerous small ski resorts are near the main population centres. All are tiny by world standards with short skiable verticals & at most around 15km of trails. There are a few in & around the capital of Reykjavik, with Bláfjöll being the largest. On the northern coast near the famed Troll Peninsula above the town of Akureyri, 200km northeast of Reykjavik, the ski resort of Hlidarfjall is the nation’s second largest & best due to its longer skiable vertical & backcountry access. A new quad chair for Hlíðarfjall in season 2019/20 extends the resort's skiable vertical to a respectable 512m.

Elsewhere in Iceland, the most useful of the small ski areas are dotted around the Troll Peninsula & in the Western Fjords. The ski areas above the towns of Isafjordur, Siglufjordur & Dalvik are good examples of how theses ski areas (they dont rate as resorts!) can provide easy access to quality backcountry terrain.

Land-based Ski Touring in Iceland

A world of adventure awaits anyone looking to earn their turns in Iceland. Ski touring the mountainous geothermal region of Landmannalaugar in the south, traversing the mammoth Vatnajökull Glacier (Europe’s largest by volume!), or climbing peaks & charging down steep couloirs into the fjords of the Troll Peninsula (Tröllaskagi) will provide life-long memories. At the end of a day, relaxing in a hot spring, eating local cuisine in a comfortable hotel or guesthouse & perhaps viewing the amazing northern lights will top off the adventure.

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Heliskiing Iceland

One of the major reasons for a ski trip to Iceland is for the heliskiing. At least 3 heliski operators are based in & around the Troll Peninsula between the towns of Akureyri & Siglufjörður. The season running from February to the end of June taking in cold, powder days of winter all the way though to delicious summit to sea corn snow skiing into late spring. The original & best heliski operator in Iceland is Arctic Heli Skiing based in a remote valley near the town of Dalvik on the Troll Peninsula.

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Ski & Sail Iceland

From March several operators venture out from Ísafjörður harbour into the remote north-western fjords of Iceland near the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Wild & spectacular, the region offers an amazing ski & snowboard experience based on a local yacht - ski touring during the day, eating fresh seafood & sailing to different locations every night. Ísafjörður is 220km north of the capital Reykjavik 'as the puffins fly'!

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Getting to Iceland & Beyond

The island of Iceland is situated in the mid north Atlantic, between Greenland & Norway. The capital Reykjavik, is around 1,900km northwest of London & 4,200km northeast of New York.

Flights to Iceland are plentiful from a host of North American & European origins. International flights arrive at the Keflavik International Airport (KEF), 50km west of Reykjavik.

Internal (domestic) flights depart from the Reykjavik Airport (RKV), located in the heart of the city. The major ski-touring, heli-ski & sail-ski locations like Ísafjörður (IFJ) & Akureyri (AEY) are best accessed by flights direct from Reykjavik (RKV).

Search for a great deal on a flight to Reykjavik or other Icelandic destination here.

Once you arrive in Iceland, several private & shared transfer options exist from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik & beyond. Search & book your private or shared transfer to & from Keflavik (KEF) here.

A wonderful way to truly experience the country is to travel by car. Renting a car is easy, but driving conditions can be extremely challenging depending on weather, road & on-coming traffic conditions! Iceland in winter & early Spring is best driven by those with experience in icy & windy (very windy) conditions. Anyone just heading to the Troll Peninsula (the pick of the mountainous terrain) should fly to Akureyri & go from there.

For a host of driving tips & more information on the best ways to get around Iceland, read our Travel to Iceland page.


Iceland has a wide range of superb hotels & guesthouses, many in glorious coastal locations right on the sea. The country tends to provide hotels & apartments in the larger towns, guesthouses in the villages & loads of cabins, houses & self-contained apartments dotted across the remaining landscape. Search & book accommodation in Iceland here.

Reykjavik is the country’s main population centre & launching place for all your adventures in Iceland. Staying the city centre is far & away the most vibrant & convenient – it is only 3km from the Reykjavik domestic airport which is so close one can walk there via the city’s many paths.

Search & book Reykjavik accommodation here.

Skiers will generally be headed up to the north of the country to ski the fjords. Important starting points Isafjordur in the north west plus Akureyri & Dalvik on the Troll Peninsula. The Siglo Hotel on the waterfront of Siglufjordur is a new deluxe hotel providing contemporary lodgings in a traditional setting. Self-contained cabins & apartments are across the north.

Search & book North Iceland accommodation here.


One thing that is often said of Iceland’s weather is it’s unpredictable. Rapid changes can occur & a bright sunny day can turn into a wintry blizzard very quickly. Regardless if one is ski-touring or driving, paying attention to the local weather forecast is essential driving. Check the Iceland weather forecast here. Check local road conditions here.

When to Go

We recommend going to Iceland from late February through to early May. For the hardcore, a winter visit from December to February can have its positives, however days in winter are very short, temperatures are cold are roads are more prone to closure. Winter daylight is only 4 or 5 hours. By March the day are getting longer, the roads are more friendly & the snow is still fresh!

Activities & Sightseeing

Iceland is rich in history - both natural & human. Getting torn apart by two Atlantic Ocean tectonic plates certainly creates alot of geomorphological intrigue, particularly when combined with its sub-Arctic location. The mix of volcanoes, lava fields, steaming vents, thermal pools, waterfalls, mountains, coastline, ice, snow & glaciers is eye candy in the extreme. Any visit for skiing should be combined with some good old-fashioned sightseeing. Note that some of the more popular areas like the Golden Circle can be inundated with humans on any given day & a.

Don’t forget to look for the Norther Lights when in Iceland. You need a clear night with no light (artificial or moon!) & the right solar activity. The forecast for the northern lights (yep, there’s a forecast!) can be viewed here.


The Powderhounds will visit Iceland in 2020. Stay tuned for our new photos & insights. More information & tours is coming soon.

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6 Days | 5 Nights | 6 Ski Days
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Ski from summits to the sea in the fjords of northern Iceland. Explore the fabled Troll Peninsula & Eyjafjörður, ski touring & riding powder for 6 days, soaking in geothermal pools & staying in country guesthouses. Join a "fixed date" tour or get your own group together for a private custom tour.
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Base/invoice currency is in EUR or ISK incl taxes.
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Base/invoice currency is in EUR (or ISK) incl taxes.
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Explore the peaks of Iceland's fabled Troll Peninsula, ski touring & riding powder for 6 days, soaking in geothermal pools & staying in comfort at Sigló, a new, comfortable traditional style hotel at the town of Siglufjordur. Join a "fixed date" tour or get your own group together for a private custom tour.
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Base/invoice currency is in EUR (or ISK) incl taxes.
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Heli Skiing Tours

©Dirk Collins
4 or 6 Day Package
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Base/invoice currency is in EUR incl taxes.
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Iceland Ski and Sail
6 Days | 5 Nights | 5.5 Ski Days
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