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Wagner Custome Skis Advertising Services

Snowboard and ski advertising is available on We offer advertisers the ability to post banner ads on various zones (segregated by geographic regions) around the website to heighten brand awareness, generate qualified visits to their website, and to acquire new leads and customers. provides a number of affordable ways of promoting your brand and attracting qualified visitors to your website. received 300,000 visits in January 2018, and 2 million visits per year.

We don't have snow reports on the website (which just generates lots of repeat visitors); our visitor traffic is made up of people proactively searching for information we have on our website. also has a strong social media presence with 27K followers on Instagram, 18K followers on Twitter, and 10K Facebook followers (page and group).
In general, the majority of visitors who come to are researching their next ski or snowboard trip;
  • Where they will stay,
  • How they will get there,
  • Where they will rent equipment,
  • What else to do when they get there including where to eat and go out at night, and
  • Where to go to buy that special ski jacket or holiday moment 

The approximate geographic breakdown of visitors (by top 10 Countries) is as follows: 

July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015 (Source Google Analytics)

Percentage & volume of geographic visits vary depending on the season.

More stats can be provided upon request...enquire here.

Rotating Banner Ads

Rotating banner ads are image-based ads that appear in a prominent position on all content pages of; e.g. We also run internal banner ads in these positions however links from these banner ads are directed to your website.

The ads are served via a third party ad server and work as follows...

Audience Control:
  • Select one or more regions (zones) on to target people who are more likely to be interested in your services
  • Select the location of your audience where you want your ad(s) to appear
  • For example you might just want to your ad to appear on our Chile pages and only display to people browsing from the United States, or you might want to target all the South American pages and show your ads to everyone apart from people in the US.
Campaign Management:

We will set up your account and create your first campaign and then send you a login so you can manage your own ads and campaigns (or you can just let the campaign we set up run and you have the ability to tweak it):
  • Audience targeting
  • Daily budget
  • Ad creative
Banner Ad Sizes:

 There are 2 banner ad sizes (measured in pixels)
  • Large (215w x 270h)
  • Small (215w x 151h)
An example of the banner ads in action can be seen here (top right):

Rotating Banner Ad Pricing structure (CPC + CPM)

CPC (Cost-per-click):
  • Large - $1.00 per click
  • Small - $1.00 per click
CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) *starts at:
  • Large - $5 per 1000 gross impressions
  • Small - $3 per 1000 gross impressions 
Ad priority*:
  • Your ads will rotate with other advertisers in the zones you choose to place your ad
  • Each ad is assigned a weighting (1-10) based on the agreed cost per click and CPM combo.
  • The higher the weighting, the more often your ads will appear in the rotation pool for that zone
    • So for example, the cost for a weighting of 1 - 10 for a large banner is:
      • $1.00 per unique click; PLUS
      • $5.00 per 1,000 gross impressions (half a cent each time your ad appears)
    • For a weighting of 2-10 for a large banner ad:
      • $1.00 per unique click; PLUS
      • $6.00 per 1,000 gross impressions (0.6 cents each time your ad appears)
Other Advertising Options
Dedicated banner ads on specific pages:
  • We can offer a dedicated banner ad on a specific page and this could also be a horizontal banner located amongst the content
  • The pricing model could be PPC, CPM or a Fixed Fee (minimum 12 months)
  • Prices for these ads will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis as it is subject to many variables such as traffic volumes to that page
Text Links:
  • We offer text link in the right-hand-column on most pages on Powderhounds where the landing page content is highly relevant to the content of that page on
  • We charge $100 per annum for these links or we sometimes exchange these links for an appropriate link back to our website
  • Let us know if this is of interest
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