Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

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Tomamu is a very well established resort and has comprehensive facilities and services. Lift ticket sales, eateries, ski and snowboard rentals, and shops are located at each of the hotels as well as the resort center.

Facilities for Children

Childcare services are available for short periods or all day (8am to 7pm). The Tomamu nursery offers an array of kids’ programs that can incorporate indoor crafts and/or outdoor play. Child care is available for infants 8 months old to children 6 years old.

Kids’ rooms are available for parents to take their little ones. There are two locations: adjacent to the Risonare Tomamu hotel lobby; and adjacent to The Tower hotel lobby.

Or for complete family friendly convenience, if you stay at Club Med Tomamu, kids club/child care (ages 4 and up) is included and child care for ages 2-3 can be added to your package. It makes for a very family friendly, no stress Hokkaido ski holiday!

Tomamu Ski School

Tomamu offers a range of ski school and snowboard tuition programs. Most of them are with Japanese speaking instructors who might speak a little Engrish. A fabulous new addition for Tomamu is 2 hour group ski lessons for kids in English. The lessons are divided into two age groups: kids 6-12; and children 3-6. Adults wanting an English-speaking instructor will need to book a private ski or snowboard lesson.

Or for a well developed international snowsports school, Club Med Tomamu has group ski and snowboard lessons that are included as part of the hotel packages.

Tomamu Ski and Snowboard Rental

Skis, snowboards and ski wear are available for rent throughout the resort at both the Resort Centre, the Tower Hotel, the Risonare Hotel (high end ski hire) and Club Med Tomamu.

Eating On Mountain

Considering that all the hotels and base areas are ski-in ski-out, there are a range of restaurants that are easily accessible from the ski area. For a cheap and easy meal, try the cafeteria in the resort centre. They serve fairly typical rice dishes, curries and ramen.

There is also a quaint mid-mountain restaurant, Mt Café RAP. The round building serves a range of fare and is a good place to warm up around the fire.

Or if you're staying at Club Med Tomamu, all your meals are included.

Banking Facilities

Tomamu has finally come into the 21st century and introduced ATMs. These are located in the lobby of the Tower Hotel. The other good news is that unlike some Japanese ski resorts, Tomamu takes credit cards virtually everywhere (including the purchasing of lift tickets) so the amount of cash needed is minimal.


Whilst there are very few ‘Westerners’ in Tomamu, the language barrier is generally not a problem. English is not spoken as widely as at resorts such as Niseko, but at Tomamu there are various people who can speak enough English to get by. Of course any attempts to speak Japanese will always be welcomed by the locals.