Tomamu Restaurants

Tomamu Restaurants

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Tomamu Dining

For guests at the Risonare and Tomamu The Tower, breakfast is included in the package, and you can also get dinner coupons in your package or pay as you go.

If you're staying at Club Med Tomamu, all your meals and drinks are included in your stay, so you’re probably unlikely to leave the hotel. 

Tomamu Restaurants - Dinner

There is a good choice of Tomamu restaurants for dinner ranging from traditional Japanese to Italian fusion. Many of the Tomamu restaurants are quite expensive, but there are also some eateries that are affordable.

A few of the Tomamu restaurants are buffets, so it’s a great place to over-indulge. You can eat a HUGE selection of Western food and other Japanese delicacies, and hopefully plenty of sushi and sashimi. You'll need to prepare to put on a few kilos whilst at Tomamu. Alternatively you'll have to ski or board really, really hard to work off the calories. The food is too irresistible to knock back, so this is not a place for those with low willpower!

The Nininupuri buffet restaurant is a common choice. Despite it being a huge buffet hall, the serene views across the snow-covered forest provide a nice ambience. The food is of great quality, so see how you fare with your resolve.

Buffet Hal is a medium sized buffet restaurant that has a smaller range of fare on offer compared to Nininupuri, yet the ambience is a little more boutique. Crab legs and steak are a specialty.

A major hub of restaurants and eateries is at the Foresta Mall and Hotalu Street which are near the Tomamu Tower Hotel. Hotalu Street is a nice change from the large buffet halls, with small intimate eateries. We recommend Takezou for an inexpensive tasty ramen.

For up-market diners, there are a few options. For a delightful splurge, Otto Sette Tomamu offers gourmet multi-course meals and views of the flood-lit ski runs from the 31st floor of the Risonare south tower. The Risonare also has another couple of upscale restaurants.

Tomamu Restaurants Breakfast

There are five restaurants to utilise breakfast tickets. This includes a few mega gourmet buffet options.

Grilled Agi is lovely for a leisurely breakfast accompanied by lovely views from the 32nd floor of the Risonare. Breakfast consists of a set western main dish plus a half buffet of other items.

Tomamu Bars and Nightlife

Tomamu doesn’t have any après ski festivities or nightlife, unless your definition of nightlife is having dinner or going to the wave pool!

Officially there are a couple of bars at Tomamu but keep your expectations low. Firstly there’s Café & Bar Tukino in Hotalu Street. This is really a café not a bar. There’s also the Tomamu Wine House where you can sample cheese and Hokkaido wines at really inflated prices, but this is also not really a bar. Or there’s the Tomamu Ice Bar in the ice village, but it is so cold in there that you'll potentially only last one drink.

Unfortunately the lack of nightlife is one of the drawbacks of Tomamu, although this is common to all non-westernised Japanese ski resorts. You might have to buy a drink at one of the gift shops, however the only place available to gather is back in your hotel room (luckily the rooms are big!). There are only a handful of vending machines with alcohol and drinks from the souvenir shops are not particularly cheap, so maybe stock up before you arrive.