Furano Activities & Tours

Furano Activities & Tours

Central Hokkaido Guided Tours

Furano Activities

There are sooooo many things to do in and around Furano. For additional Furano activities information be sure to head to the Furano Tourism Association in the Kitanomine gondola building. It’s an amazing source of information.

Furano Ski Tours

If you are looking for a guided Furano ski tour of the off-piste and sidecountry areas, there are a few options for Furano guiding services (see below).

NAC offer lift accessed powder guiding at Furano and you can either join a group tour or get together your own posse for a private tour. NAC can also rent you avalanche safety gear if you don't have your own. You can make a booking enquiry for a NAC Furano powder tour here (use item drop down menu).

Day Trips to Other Ski Areas

Hokkaido gets micro storms where it may dump in one valley but not in another, so if the powder at Furano isn’t to your liking, check out the weather conditions at the nearby ski areas such as Asahidake, Kamui, Sahoro and Tomamu.

There are a few tour operators such as White Room Tours who provide a range of private off-piste/sidecountry tours at Furano as well as nearby ski areas.

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Cat Skiing Near Furano

Or you could go snowcat skiing with NAC Cat Skiing, who are located near Kamui Ski Links (transfers to/from Furano provided). Snowcat skiing is one of the finest ways to score untracked powder.

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Furano Backcountry Skiing

The Tokachidake area (about an hour drive away) has three main areas for backcountry skiing with Mt Tokachi, Furano-dake and the Three Step Mountain. If you like to earn your turns, this area offers Remarkable (note the capital R!) backcountry skiing and boarding! The reddy-brown outdoor onsen at the Ryounkaku ryokan at Tokachidake is also pretty legendary and offers some spectacular views.

A good spot for inclement weather days is the Take Noro Yama backcountry area near Minami Furano. This goes up to approximately 1,200 metres in the sub-alpine and offers a vertical drop of about 700 metres. Some parts are reasonably mellow whilst there are also some steep treed pitches in the mid-section of the hill.

Ashibetsudake is another popular Furano backcountry skiing destination.

WhiteRoom Tours offer private backcountry guiding from Furano to Tokachidake and Kurodake, and also to the areas around the Furano Ski Resort such as Furano-nishi-dake.

Family Activities

Head to Waku Waku Family Snowland where they offer a plethora of activities including snow rafting, snowmobiling, banana boating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and sledding.

There is also a kids play area near the Kitanomine gondola.

Adventure Activities

Furano Snowmobiling is a popular Furano activity. There are about four different companies that offer snowmobiling, with variability in the length of the trail ride, the power of the snowmobiles, and of course the cost.

Other options for a bit of excitement include tree climbing (!!), snowshoe trekking, horse riding, hot air ballooning, and parasailing behind a snowmobile if you really want to freeze your butt off.

Leisure Activities

Or to really freeze your bits, you can try ice hole fishing!

Other leisure options include a visit to the cheese factory or wine tasting at the winery which has surprisingly good wine. Wandering around the quaint town of Furano is also enjoyable. The Asahiyama Zoo near Asahikawa is an interesting visit, where you can see super cute penguins, seals and polar bears. There are convenient shuttle buses to get between Furano and the zoo.

For indoor activities, there are various touristy cultural activities such as Japanese tea ceremonies and dressing up in a kimono - hmmmmm.


For complete relaxation you should partake in the Japanese tradition of an onsen. A few of the Furano hotels and pensions have simple onsen. Otherwise there are various onsen tours to nearby areas that can be organised through Furano Tourism. Examples include the red-brown onsen at Ryounkaku (at Tokachidake) and the nearby Fukiage Onsen, or the Hakuginsou Hot Spring Centre (40 mins one way). Alternatively you can have an onsen at Tokachidake or Asahidake Onsen at the end of a ski day.

See our Japanese onsen overview for tips on the etiquette of using an onsen.