Cat Skiing Europe

Cat-skiing in the Balkans can be done in North Macedonia & Kosovo.
Eskimo Freeride cat skiing powder in Macedonia.
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro in the Caucasus, Georgia (©
Great powder skiing in the trees at Bahkmaro (Photo Florian Birnkammer).
Awesome terrain - Eskimo Freeride. Europe's longest established cat skiing.
Cat ski powder with Eskimo Freeride.
It snows a bit in the Caucasus of Georgia - Cat Skiing Bakhmaro (©
Cat skiing Bakhmaro (©
Eskimo Freeride Cat Skiing
Eskimo Freeride cat skiing.
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro.
Traditional feast at Eskimo Freeride cat skiing.
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro (Photo - C. Frey)
Eskimo Freeride cat skiing.
Cat skiing in Kosovo
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro.
Cat ski camping at Eskimo Freeride.
The notorious wine barrel hot tub at Eskimo Freeride.
Off into the sunset at Eskimo Freeride cat skiing.

Cat Skiing Europe

Europe Cat Skiing

Cat skiing anywhere is paradise for Powderhounds. With all that fresh powder to sniff out and face shots galore, a Powderhound’s tail will definitely be wagging if they go cat skiing in Europe.

Many avid skiers and boarders around the world don’t know what cat skiing is, but “knowledge is powder”!

The Europe cat ski locations in remote parts of North MacedoniaGeorgia, Kosovo and Russia have an added sense of adventure to them also. See all our Europe cat skiing packages here.

What is Cat Skiing?

So why would a powder hound (a dog) want to go cat skiing? Shouldn’t it be dog skiing? So, if you’re wondering what the hell cat skiing is, it’s a fabulous form of guided backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

Cats or snowcats are large grooming style machines that transport up to 14 skiers and snowboarders up to backcountry areas in a purpose-built cabin. Whilst skiers and snowboarders are guided down fresh powder runs, the cat makes its way back to the bottom to pick them up to take them on the next run. Most Europe cat ski operators have exclusive access to a large ski area that’s big enough to ensure riders always have fresh tracks for powder skiing – awesome!

Benefits of Cat Skiing Europe

Europe cat skiing offers an opportunity to get away from the congestion and crowds at the ski resorts. “There are no friends on a powder day” is a common saying, but when you go cat skiing there is no powder panic and no need to use your elbows to get fresh lines. Freshies are almost guaranteed, and you only have to share the powder with a small group. Of course, another huge benefit of Europe cat skiing is that there you will generally be in quiet almost wilderness settings with no unruly lift queues or skied off crud and moguls.

Snowcat skiing has some similarities to heli skiing, with two of the main differences being that cat skiing is much cheaper and operates more often. Heli skiing has many grounded days where the helicopter can’t fly due to the weather. Thankfully snowcats can still go out in snow storms, and when the powder is falling is when you most want to be out there skiing

The only downside to cat skiing Europe is that it’s very easy to develop an addiction to powder skiing. You have been warned!

Where is Cat Skiing in Europe?

Cat-skiing was pioneered in Canada but has struggled to establish itself in Europe. Hence cat skiing in Europe is a comparative rarity, but it does exist and is actually growing. Cat ski operations are currently in North Macedonia, Georgia, KosovoRussia and Italy.

A well-established cat ski operation known for its amazing skiing & exceptional hospitality is in the Lesser Caucasus mountains at Bakhmaro in Georgia. Established by a professional Swiss/German crew, Cat Skiing Bakhmaro delivers an exceptional experience for more adventurous skiers & snowboarders. Having run its first season in 2016/17, it has quickly coming to terms with its superb terrain, establishing a new lodge and expanding its number of snow-cats.

An intriguing cat ski option in vast Siberia, Russia, is run by the Pri Freeride Company out of the small town of Priiskovy (or Priiskovoe), a 6hr drive from the closest major city of Krasnoyarsk. Pri Freeride cat skiing has been running since 2007 and runs 5 snowcats. Winter comes early at Priiskovoy, with premium cat-skiing conditions already in early November. All the splendid isolation of a classic Canadian cat-ski operation, but in Siberia. What could be more adventurous?

A new player on the block in the highest (& remotest) mountains in Kosovo near the Albanian border is Lynx Freeride. A cosy lodge & excellent food add to the vast terrain exclusively accessible to only one group each week. Also in Kosovo, Dane Freeride has been plying their cat skiing trade since the ski lifts at the once huge Brezovica ski resort starting to stop turning. With terrain in the old resort boundary as well as super long valley runs into local villages, a couple of days in Kosovo with Dane Freeride was one of the more interesting ski experiences the Powderhounds have ever had (& we have a fair few!).

The longest established cat ski operation in Europe is Eskimo Freeride, based in the small village and crumbling ski resort of Popova Sapka, 70km east of Skopje in North Macedonia, Eskimo Freeride cat skiing provides an intriguing ski, nature, gastronomical & cultural experience across 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of alpine & forest terrain.

South of Popova Shapka near Bogovinje, Shar Outdoors operates a new cat skiing operation based out of two mountain huts. They also run the sensational Balkans Cat Ski Safari, taking in the best of North Macedonia & Kosovo.

Also in North Macedonia is the super fun SF Freeride. Cat skiing in the Pelister National Park, the crew at SF Freeride know how to get the most out of any powder day with their tree & alpine terrain. Their enthusiasm is infectious, the skiing great, & the food needs to be seen to be believed.

Snowcat Skiing Safety

The discipline of cat skiing is not without risks considering that it occurs in the remote backcountry. Avalanches are one of the primary hazard concerns in the backcountry and the operations put various strategies in place to lessen the risk.

Avalanche mitigation strategies and safety briefings are provided, plus all operators provide highly qualified lead and tail guides to accompany the cat skiing group. All cat skiing participants must wear an avalanche beacon and carry a safety pack with shovel, probe and (usually) an airbag.

Go Powder Cat Skiing

A large survey of cat skiing and heli skiing was commissioned in the world's biggest cat skiing area - BC Canada. The survey results speak volumes – 98% of first-time cat skiers indicated that they plan to go cat skiing again. Once experienced, forever addicted!

Cat Skiing Tours & Packages in Europe
Cat Skiing Bakhmaro
8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Days Cat Skiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
The ultimate European cat skiing adventure, Cat Skiing Bakhmaro in Georgia includes airport transfers, 7 nights accommodation in the traditional village of Bakhmaro, all meals plus 6 days of cat skiing.
Price p/p From price based on transfers, 7 nights in a 4 share room, full board & 6 days guided cat skiing.
Base/invoice currency is in Euro ex taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 2,331
View Details
Lynx Freeride Cat Skiing Packages
8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Days Cat Skiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Lynx Freeride offers amazing cat ski packages in the high mountains of Kosovo with 6 full days of cat skiing & snowboarding powder inclusive of local transfers, accommodation & all meals. Let the Balkans adventure begin....
Price p/p From price based on 8-day package which includes 6 days cat skiing & 7 nights lodging & all meals
Base/invoice currency is in EUR inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,776
View Details
SF Freeride Cat Skiing Packages
2 Days | 2 Nights | 2 Days Cat Skiing
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
SF Freeride offers fully inclusive cat ski packages in North Macedonia with guided cat skiing & snowboarding powder, accommodation & all meals. Choose your own dates & fully customise your cat-ski tour. Add extra days, nights & transfers!
Price p/p From price based on 2-day package in a group of 8 people which includes 2 days cat skiing & 2 nights lodging & all meals
Base/invoice currency is in EUR inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 400
View Details
Eskimo Freeride Cat Skiing Packages
4 Days | 3 Nights | 3 Days Cat Skiing
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
Eskimo Freeride in North Macedonia offers fully customised cat skiing & snowboarding powder packages including guided cat skiing, safety equipment, accommodation & all meals. Choose your own dates & duration to get the best conditions. You can add ski hire & transfers...
Price p/p From price based on 4-day package which includes 3 days cat skiing & 3 nights lodging in high season (Jan 20 to Mar 20)
Base/invoice currency is in EUR inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 833
View Details
Bogovinje Cat Skiing
Customised Multi-day Cat Skiing
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Come cat skiing in North Macedonia based in a remote mountain hut above Bogovinje. Choose your own dates, length & fully customise your snowcat ski trip. A typical 2 day road-trip includes 2 days guided catskiing, all ground transport, accom, meals plus a full time host.
Price p/p From price based on 2-day package in a group of 4 people which includes 2 days guided cat skiing 2 nights lodging, all meals & ground transportation.
Base/invoice currency is in EUR inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 566
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