Lynx Freeride Cat Skiing

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Lynx Freeride

Lynx Freeride 4.9/51
Lynx Freeride 4.9 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
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Lynx Freeride Cat Skiing

Overall Rating

Lynx Freeride 4.9/51
Lynx Freeride 4.9 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

Lynx Freeride Cat Skiing

Lynx Freeride in Kosovo is one of the world's newest cat ski operations. Whilst the guides might prefer cat boarding to cat skiing, it matters little when one considers the vast terrain potential of the surrounding mountains. Come & spend a week in the remote mountains of Kosovo & help set up Lynx Freeride on the world stage. We certainly will!

See the Lynx Freeride Cat Ski Package Tour Listing for more detailed information.

Where is Lynx Freeride Kosovo?

Lynx Freeride is in the west of Kosovo near the border with Albania. Kosovo’s highest peak, the magnificent Gjeravica mountain (2656m), is the backdrop for the Lynx Freeride terrain. The base of operations is the 'Small Grand Hotel Gjeravica', located at 1750m elevation, a 1.5hr snowcat drive west from the city of Junik. The pick up point at Junike is a 1.5hr drive west of the Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (PRN) & around a 3hr drive north via Pristina from The Skopje Alexander the Great International Airport (SKP) in neighbouring North Macedonia.

The recommended mode of transport from the airports to Junike is by pre-arranged taxi. See below.

Flights into Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari

The recommended airport to access Lynx Freeride is Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari (PRN). The airport is located 20km west of the Kosovo capital of Pristina & taxis can make the 90km journey to the Lynx Freeride pick up point at Junike in around 1.5hr.

Flights to Pristina are available from most major European airports including Munich, Frankfurt, Paris CDG, Geneva, Zurich & Vienna, all major Scandinavian airports & London-Luton in the UK. A host of minor European airports also provide direct links.

Search for a great deal on a flight to Pristina using our recommended flight search engine.

Flights into Skopje Alexander the Great Airport

The Skopje Alexander the Great International Airport (SKP) is a modern facility 23km by road east of the North Macedonia capital, Skopje. It is an alternative entry point into the Balkans & is 200km (3hr) by road from the Lynx Freeride pick up point in Junik, Kosovo. During winter, flights from worldwide origins include most major airports in western Europe, England & Scandinavia plus Istanbul, Dubai & Doha in the Middle East

Daily flights to Skopje from any one origin city are limited. Daily flights exist from Vienna, Austria and offer the most convenience if travelling to Macedonia whilst already in Europe. Another useful major European airport is Zurich, with two airlines providing regular services to Skopje. Zurich was successfully utilised by the Powderhounds for our visit to North Macedonia. The middle eastern airports at Doha & Dubai can be useful if travelling from other international origins (i.e Asia, Oceania) .

Powderhounds recommends using either Austrian, Edelweiss or Germania airlines. These provide airlines provide better seating, luggage allowance, service & reliability – albeit for a slightly higher price!

Airport Transfers to Junik/Junike

For airport transfers, Powderhounds recommends using Lynx Freeride to pre-arrange a private transfer direct to the pick up point in the city of Junik/Junike, with the cost added directly to the tour. Transfer are free when booking for a group of six or more.

Car Rental

Car rental is not recommended when travelling to Lynx Freeride. A private transfer from the airport is cheaper, safer & more efficient


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First heard about it years ago from some old mountaineering guys, that they were there in the 70's and that the whole region of Prokletije has one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Then was told from this old guy who was stationed there in old Yugoslavia army, about how they were struck with snow so deep that even you couldn't go with skis on. By the time I was already running around backcountry of Swiss, Austrian, Italian, French, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, to Japan, Georgia, Turkey, Alaska and all of the world gems. Thought, I saw it all..

When I was invited by friends to come and "see" the best kept secret in Europe I was like, yeah, already seen stuff but let's go. Little did I know, that literally you have the whole freaking mountain range for you and couple of lucky ones. In this real backcountry, with the first inhabited place only three hours by off road trucks, sleds and cats at the starting alt. of 1500m and the whole range peaking to about almost 3000 just for 8 of us, still couldn’t belive it.

Why its soooo good. High altitude provides cold, its close to Adriatic see so you get humidity, and storms come from south, east and northwest, so you get scenario with 2 days of mega puking dump, and 5 days of sun  I know, I couldn’t belive it too. It’s kinda coastal AK style snow, so it becomes compact and stabile very quickly.

Terrain :) So from wide and open slopes to steep rocky terrain to forest creek runs between God planted trees with enough space to roam around without planning to much and just soak in all of the exhilaration. Oh, these millions of kicker gullies, natural halfpipes and all these tiny bumps that can launch you in to bliss. It’s awesome to advance your riding real easy, from super small, medium and large launching pads of fully natural terrain. Is it cliffs, rocks, deadtrees or windblown snow, it creates pow pow heaven playground.

The crew is amazing with real exp. veterans of the game, Seb and Hamdi, ski and snowboard gurus. These guys know whats’up, they know what they’re runnin’, and do it with ease and style. Chilled atmosphere, no rush to nowhere, and they’re right, they caught the place for themselves, and share it with few alikes, that have enough soul to go for it.

Avy equipment is ON site, knowledge and all security is priority for these man, so it’s a standard operation with lead and tail guide, so you’ll be safe with all of the top gear they provide. Water, beers, sandwiches are in the cat all the time, so even if you get hungry on the hill you’re set.

Accommodation is typical, cosy fireplace, was amazed that everything is super eco-friendly, with everything running on solar panels, and food is strictly domestic locally grown, cuz’ first supermarket is helicopter away. Food, beer, sweets everything is there. So this off-grid cosy palace is only for you and your friends, and the window points to the small Gjeravica peak and the natural snowpark itself, so you can sip cold one and plan your line :)

All the other stuff can be found in the woods, if you feel me :) Well dunno what the hell I was waiting for all these years, but one thing for sure, you’ll see my ass there every season – it’s just that amazing!
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8 Days | 7 Nights | 6 Days Cat Skiing

Location: Europe | Tour Focus: Guided | Terrain Focus: Backcountry
Ability: Strong Intermediate to Expert
Price p/p From price based on 8-day package which includes 6 days cat skiing & 7 nights lodging & all meals
Base/invoice currency is in EUR inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,904
Lynx Freeride offers amazing cat ski packages in the high mountains of Kosovo with 6 full days of cat skiing & snowboarding powder inclusive of local transfers, accommodation & all meals. Let the Balkans adventure begin.... More
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