Asahidake Dining

Asahidake Dining

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Asahidake Restaurants & Dining

Dining in the evening is generally restricted to meals provided as part of your Asahidake accommodation package, but you certainly won’t go hungry.

At the Asahidake youth hostel, dinner may include up to 7 courses, and it’s not just about quantity – the quality is excellent too. The hotels also serve up feasts fit for a powder hound.

There is also a café at Lodge Nutapu-Kaushipe which is open to the public.

For lunch, the best option is the restaurant upstairs in the Asahidake ropeway station. In addition to food pictures, a recent addition has been a menu in English. The fare on offer includes various ramen options and rice dishes; the chicken katsu curry being a favourite. Dining here is great value for money.

The shop downstairs in the ropeway building sells karaage, pork buns and other snack foods.

Asahidake Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife in Asahidake is close to absent, with the only fun being what you can make for yourself. Chances are that you won’t be too fussed about nightlife. You’ll be too tired after skiing, soaking in the onsen and eating a 7-course dinner. A few quiet Sapporo beers from the vending machine will probably suffice!

Some of the Asahidake hotels have bars, which are typically very quiet and frequented only by the hotel guests. La Vista Daisetsuzan Hotel has a nice bar lounge located in the robby (as the Japanese like to call the lobby!).