Getting To Asahidake

Getting To Asahidake

Where is Asahidake?

Asahidake (Mt-Asahi) is situated within the Daisetsuzan National Park, just across the mountain from Kurodake. Asahidake Onsen is a little village at the foot of Mount Asahi located on route 1160 near the town of Higashikawa in the Kamikawa District of Central Hokkaido Japan.

Asahidake ski area is 46km east of the city of Asahikawa (60 minutes by car), 39km east of Asahikawa Airport, and 70km northeast of Furano ski resort.

Getting To Asahidake from Asahikawa

For information on getting to Asahikawa, see the Asahikawa travel page.

From Asahikawa, Asahidake can be accessed by car with an approximate travel time of 60 minutes. There are various car rental outlets in Asahikawa near the train station, and many cars are fitted with English GPS and you just have to enter the phone number of your destination.

There is free parking at the Asahidake Ropeway and you’ll probably only have to walk about 20 metres to get to the lift ticket office!

There are inexpensive public buses than run three times a day from Asahikawa Station and the Asahikawa Airport to the Asahidake Onsen Village called the "Ideyu-go". The bus from Asahikawa city to Asahidake takes just under 1.5 hours.

Travel To Asahidake from Furano

There is an occasional bus service from Furano to Asahidake – check with Furano Tourism for the latest timetable.

Or you can get from Furano to Asahidake as part of a guided day tour.

Alternatively, there is a car rental outlet near the Furano Station if you want to drive yourself to Asahidake.

Private Transfers from Sapporo Airport to Asahidake

Door to door private transfers are available with Sky Station (use the drop down menu) between the New Chitose Airport and your Asahidake accommodation, for up to 2 to 16 people. The trip takes about 4 hours.

Other Ways to Travel to Asahidake A few of the Asahidake hotels provide complimentary transfers to Asahidake from Sapporo, Asahikawa Airport and Asahikawa. These are generally not on demand and need to be booked with the hotel at least a few days in advance. Examples of hotels that provide transport include La Vista Daisetsuzan Hotel and Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bearmonte.

Otherwise get someone to drive you to Asahidake by heading out on a multi-resort ski tour of Hokkaido.

Or private transfers are available between Niseko and Asahidake.

Getting Around Asahidake

The village at Asahidake is quite small so it’s possible to navigate on foot. The walk from the bottom of the village up the road to the ropeway station is about 10 minutes. A couple of the hotels located in the lower part of the village provide ad-hoc shuttle services between the hotel and the ropeway.

Other Ski Resorts Near Asahidake

Nearby ski resorts include Pippu, Kurodake (not by road), Furano and Canmore Ski Village (35 minutes from Asahidake), a small ski area with night skiing.