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Snowbasin Shopping

The Grizzly Center’s shop at Snowbasin Resort is possibly the most opulently furnished ski resort shop you may lay your eyes upon. The lavish setting includes chandeliers and grandiose carpet. Ski and snowboard hardware is quite limited, with the main focus of the shop being apparel, sundries and souvenirs. There is not a large range of items considering the large size of the shop. The ratio of items per square foot is probably the lowest of all Utah ski shops.

The Snowbasin shop sells outerwear from brands such as DNA (Descente) and Spyder but there is not a large range of anything in particular, and you might have some difficulty finding your size. However there is an abundance of accessories including beanies, goggles and gloves. The shop also sells various sundries that might be required for a day on the hill including sunscreen, batteries and disposable cameras.

Most of the shop is dedicated to souvenirs. They have an enormous population of souvenir T-shirts with Utah or Snowbasin emblazoned on them. Other logo wear includes polar fleece vests and tops that are nothing particularly special, and other souvenirs such as glasses, mugs and stickers. Various artworks are also for sale including posters, prints, and photographic books.

Shopping in Ogden and Upper Ogden Valley

The Valley Market at the main intersection in Eden is a large supermarket that will cover most bases. For decent alcoholic beverage purchases you might need to go to the liquor store at 1160 Patterson Ave, Ogden.

Ogden has lots of shopping opportunities including various malls. One example is the Newgate Mall (3651 Wall Ave # 2000, Ogden) which has department stores and chain stores.