Facilities & Services

Snowbasin ski resort has four magnificent buildings that house the ski resort services and facilities. There are three grandiose day lodges as well as the Grizzly Center guest services building at the main base. The lodges are almost replicas of those at the sister resort of Sun Valley. They have high ceilings, golden chandeliers, enormous majestic fireplaces, and imported European marble. The bathrooms are a sight to behold and every building has signage in swanky gold lettering. Even the ski patrol buildings have gold lettering! You feel guilty walking into any of the buildings with your ski or snowboard boots on, and if you pants are a bit damp, you certainly don’t want to sit down on any of the throne-like chairs. The resort facilities are so ridiculously plush that they could make Deer Valley look like a pauper’s mountain. Couple this with forever happy and smiling resort staff (they must put something in the water) and you realise that Snowbasin puts the capital P back into a Pleasant experience.

Eating On Mountain

All three day lodges have self-service restaurants, but the award winning dining is a far cry from your standard cafeteria food. Snowbasin pays particular attention to its catering standards, and it is reflected in the superb quality and taste of its food. The bonus is that the food is all well priced and affordable to even the most hardened “brown bagger”. You don’t have to struggle to find a seat, and the comfort of the chairs next to the various fireplaces makes it very enticing to stay indoors all day.

For a taste of Austria, go to Needles Lodge for fare such as wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, goulash soup and rösti. You might have to ski or snowboard hard to make up for the calorific indulgence.

In Earl’s Lodge there is also the Cinnabar which provides table service meals. At the base of the Strawberry Express Gondola, there is a coffee bar where you can grab a quick snack and a hot beverage.

Facilities for Children

The licensed day care facility is located in the Grizzly Centre at the base, and provides child care for ages 6 months to 6 years. Full day or half day options are available, and it comes at a very reasonable price.

Ski School

The Grizzly Cub Snowsports Learning Center is for children’s ski and snowboard lessons. Those aged 5-6 start in the Wildflower Meadow area which is a great fun area for children. Ages 7 to 12 have standard lessons.

For adults, two hour group lessons are conducted in varying formats. Group sizes tend to be very small due to the lack of on mountain accommodation, or alternatively private lessons are very reasonably priced at Snowbasin relative to other Utah ski resorts. Two hour Nordic skiing lessons are also provided starting at 1pm.

Ski and Snowboard Rental

The very well organised equipment rental shop is located in the Grizzly Center. The skis and snowboards are predominantly of the recreational variety with prices that are middle of the road for Utah ski resorts. There is some performance and demo gear for rental also, but this comes at a premium.

The repair shop is huge and is the ultimate in repair shops!

Banking and Internet Facilities

An ATM is located in the shop in the Grizzly Center. Wireless internet access is available in all of the day lodges as well as the Grizzly Center.