Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

Powder Mountain is a no-frills ski resort, so it’s more of a “ski area” than a “resort”. The contrast in facilities between Powder Mountain and Snowbasin is extreme. Certainly don’t expect anything at Pow Mow except for basic rustic buildings.

Services and facilities are predominantly spread across the Sundown lift base and the “village”.

Eating On Mountain

There are restaurants in each of the three day lodges. Most of the fare is of the heavily fried variety, so don’t expect anything too gourmet.

The Powder Mountain Restaurant at the resort centre is a large cafeteria that has great soups and sandwiches. The Powder Keg, the pub downstairs, also serves meals. The Hidden Lake Lodge serves burgers, fries, chilli and hot beverages that can be consumed whilst taking in the great views. This place can be freezing as the doors don’t close properly, so don’t rely on stopping here to warm up on a cold day. The small Sundown Lodge has burgers, fries and the like.

Facilities for Children

Powder Mountain provides Powder Play for children aged 3-5, which essentially is snow-play and may include orientation to standing on skis. The Old Fire House (801-745-5600  801-745-5600) in Eden is a private day care centre, and provides child care for ages 13 months plus. The rates are incredibly good.

Ski School

The Snowsports School is located at the Sundown lift area, but it’s possible to take a lesson in the other ski areas also. The school runs standard group programs for children as well as adults. The adult group lessons in particular are very good value for money, and a full day private lessons are also inexpensive relative to other Utah resorts.

Ski and Snowboard Rental

The Timberline Ski shop has a range of rental ski and snowboard packages. Recreational gear is rented out at rock-bottom prices, and prices for performance gear are pretty good too. Considering the potential for deep powder, it would be wise to contemplate renting fat skis. The shop only has skis in the mid-fat range at about 95mm, but these will be OK.

Rental equipment is also available at the Diamond Peaks Shop in Eden. They have the latest skis including super fat skis about 135mm underfoot. Another option when coming through Ogden is to stop at Alpine Sport (1165 Patterson St, between 30th and 31st Street).

Banking Facilities

There is no ATM on-mountain, so get cashed up before you arrive.