Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Powder Mountain has very little in the way of evening entertainment or dining. Actually it has absolutely nothing! Many families that stay at Powder Mountain hole up for the evening and have home-cooked meals.

Those seeking restaurants and bars will need to drive down to the nearby Ogden Valley or go to Ogden.

Eating Out

At Powder Mountain the only real option for an evening feed is to walk down to the Sundown Lodge (open 9am-9pm). The menu is limited to grill options such as burgers, fries and pizzas. It feels just like a fish and chip shop except that there are tables at which to sit. There is definitely no alcohol sold here.

In Eden, 20 minutes away, one of the dining highlights is Harley and Bucks Grill (5500E 2200 North Eden). This historic general store has been refurbished and is now has an eclectic mix of antiques, kitschy items, fairy lights and country kitchen décor. The menu is predominantly meat and seafood, and on Wednesday nights the meat-lovers come from afar for the all-you-can-eat-ribs. The cosy setting and good service makes this a great place for dinner and drinks. The service is so good that you could almost describe it as over-attentive!

In Eden there is also the new Carlos and Harley's Fresh-Mex Cantina which is located next to the Diamond Peak shop. The décor of the Mexican bar and restaurant is also a mish-mash of objects that adds to the fun atmosphere. They have a full bar menu including the essential margaritas.

Another option for casual dining in Eden is Eats of Eden (2595 N Hwy 162, Eden), or if you just want a simple pizza, try Alpine Pizza next to the Red Moose Lodge.

There are also lots of restaurants in Ogden. Those with reasonable reviews include Timbermine and Union Grill, and for something a little different, Prairie Schooner provides a dining experience under covered wagons.

During the day, an Eden gem is the coffee shop next to the supermarket. It is a far cry from Starbucks in a fantastically good way.

Bars & Nightlife

The Powder Keg at the resort centre is the only pub at Powder Mountain. The atmosphere is very relaxed and social as skiers and boarders share stories of the adventures of the day. It is open for lunch, but meals cease at 4pm. This is predominantly an après bar because it is only open until 5pm, except on Friday and Saturday when it stays open really late until 7pm. The nightlife at Powder Mountain is rocking!

If you want a bar that stays open beyond 7pm, the only options are a couple of bars in Ogden Valley, or clubs in Ogden on historic 25th street such as Brewskis or The City Club.

In Eden, Carlos and Harley’s Fresh-Mex Cantina is one option, but for a real pub go to the Shooting Star in Huntsville (7350 E 200 S, Huntsville). This could be considered a historic Olympic landmark because during the 2002 games, this pub was bursting at the seams with European skiers after a big day at Snowbasin. This place oozes so much character that it has to be seen to be believed. It is really dark, almost dingy, so at first it’s hard to make out all the one dollar bills that are stuck to the ceiling. There are revolting animal heads on the walls including the head of a St Bernard that is so huge that it could give you nightmares for weeks. Nevertheless, this colourful pub is a great place to go for a drink and have the infamous Star Burger in a refreshingly unglitzy environment. The pub prides themselves on being a no-frills drinking establishment that doesn’t serve salads, have a large range of beers, or take credit cards.