Deer Valley Shopping

Deer Valley Shopping

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On initial arrival it looks like there isn’t much in the way of Deer Valley shopping. There are just a couple of tiny “villages” and no main shopping street, so there’s no obvious spot to stroll along and peek into the shop windows. However there are lots of lovely Deer Valley shops. It’s just that they’re spread out across various areas of the Deer Valley Ski Resort (which are most easily explored via skiing not walking) and many are hidden inside the upscale hotels.

Of course there’s also the fabulous Park City shopping. With Main Street Park City only a couple of miles away, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you look to spoil yourself with a new purchase.

Deer Valley Ski Shops

There are various Deer Valley ski shops located in the Snow Park Lodge and Silver Lake Village, as well as glamorous ski shops in the luxurious hotels such as Stein Eriksen Lodge and Montage Deer Valley.

Jans Mountain Outfitters have three Deer Valley ski shops. A small store downstairs at Silver Lake Lodge sells ski accessories and gifts, whilst the larger store at Snow Park Lodge has a wide range of skis, boots (including a great boot fitting service), some lovely apparel, and accessories. There’s also a large ski shop at the St Regis Hotel.

Cole Sports has a large and beautiful shop at Silver Lake Village at Deer Valley, full of hardwear and loads of glitzy apparel (many with fur), après boots and ski accessories (some that are rather foofoo and some of course with fur!). They also have their huge ski shop in Park Avenue, Park City, which is equally glamorous but it also has a selection of ski wear for powder hounds and backcountry types.

Christy Sports at Silver Lake Village is also lovely, but my favourite Deer Valley ski shop is Arcs (Ski N See). It’s a smaller version of the Coles Park City shop and has great equipment, and a mixture of upscale spiffy apparel and more functional and backcountry skiwear with brands such as Mammut.

There is a kids’ ski shop at the Snow Park Lodge which has a plethora of cute Spyder outfits for little people and some bling bling type ski gear for up and coming princesses.

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Deer Valley Souvenir Shopping

Deer Valley souvenirs and merchandise can be found at the Deer Valley Signature Stores across three locations: Snow Park Lodge, Silver Lake Village and Main St in downtown Park City. The souvenirs are wide and varied, including glasses, food items, photo frames, caps and clothing. Some of the logo apparel is possibly a little on the dowdy side!

Most of the ski shops also sell a range of Deer Valley souvenirs, and some of the gift stores in the hotels have DV souvenirs as well as their own logo merchandise. For example, the Bjorn Stova gift store in the Stein Eriksen Lodge sells Stein souvenirs.

General Shopping

Other Deer Valley shopping opportunities are somewhat limited. Shades of Deer Valley in the Snow Park Lodge (lower level) sells sunglasses and ski goggles, and Deer Valley etc is a sundries store and internet café.

There are also various small Deer Valley shops and boutiques hidden inside some of the hotels.

Deer Valley Groceries

The Deer Valley Grocery Café in the Deer Valley Plaza building in the Snow Park area has a small selection of gourmet grocery items, ready-made meals, and limited beer, wine and liquor. For substantial grocery shopping, you’ll need to head to one of the Park City supermarkets. Alternatively there is a grocery delivery service company in the Park City area who can do all the shopping for you.