Park City Shopping

Park City Shopping

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Oh my goodness, Park City shopping is absolutely the best of any ski town. Park City shops provide all the retail therapy you could ever ask for! Not surprisingly, Park City attracts shopping aficionados and shopper-holics alike.
Park City shopping ranges from high end boutiques selling fur to quirky souvenir shops, corner stores and outlet malls. There is shopping at the base of Park City Mountain Resort, in downtown Park City along Main Street, and also out in the suburbs at Kimball Junction.

Park City Ski Shops and Snowboard Stores

The Park City ski shops are definitely the place to buy a new ski outfit. There are at least 43 Park City ski shops with a huge variety in brands available.

At the Park City Mountain Resort base there are various snowboard and ski shops. Legacy Sports in the main plaza has high end gear without going to the extreme. Great brands are available including Spyder, DNA, Nordica and Karbon. This Park city ski shop also sells lovely PC souvenir clothing pieces that you’d actually want to wear.

Two of the biggest Park City ski shops are Cole Sport and Jans which have multiple locations across the area. The main shops are opposite each other in Park Ave. Cole Sport in particular is a ski shop to die for. It is a mass of colour and style spread over three floors with a huge range of skis, boots, and other hardwear and definitely no grungy snowboarding clothing. The ski shop has upmarket clothing for backcountry types as well as strutters with brands such as Kjus, Prada, Bogner, Descente, Mammut and Arcteryx. You won’t find any bargains here, but plenty of dream-worthy outfits and no shortage of fur trimmings!

Speaking of fur trimmings, Gorsuch of spiffy Colorado ski resorts fame has arrived in Utah! The huge Gorsuch store on Main Street has ski hardwear, glamorous ski clothing for men and women, an array of fluffy ski accessories, and homewares.

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Park City Shopping - Souvenirs

The Park City Mountain Resort base area has various shops that sell Park City memorabilia – all the Park City souvenirs you could ever want! There are also lots of souvenir T-shirt shops on Main Street that have the usual ski and snowboard slogans on them.

General Shopping Park City

The variety of Park City shops in and around Main St is fabulous. If you can’t afford to splurge in Main St in one of the many Park City fur shops, then window shopping is fantastic too. You can join some of the fur clad women peering into the windows of the jewellery stores! There are galleries, boutiques, funky shops, cowboy shops and an Indian store.

Be mindful that you might want to dress up to go shopping in Park City, because there’s an air of snootiness about many of the upmarket shops. Even though PC is a ski town, it’s sort of not. If skiers dare to walk down Main St with ski gear on or walk into a shop with their ski boots on, they might receive strange stares (or the occasional filthy look). There must be a rule that you have to change into your swanky clothes before strutting down the street?

Grocery Shopping

There are plenty of grocery stores in PC including Fresh Market at 1760 Park Ave. Rite-Aid is next door, which is a huge pharmacy that sells basic groceries and basic alcohol.

Shopping at Tanger Outlets at Kimball Junction

Outlet malls just aren’t what they used to be! The Tanger outlet shops at Kimball Junction may disappoint many shoppers but it really depends upon what you’re looking for. There is lots of cheap junk and if you arrive in PC with an empty suitcase and need winter clothes, especially casual ones, then you might enjoy the shopping experience. You could get very basic ski clothing at Columbia, whilst the snowboard shop is rather unfortunate. Casual jackets are likely to be on sale at various places including Gap, and there are lots of shops to buy winter boots, both formal and casual. Chicks might enjoy the cosmetics shops where there are some good buys such as the travel packs that are even cheaper than on Strawberry net.

If you can be bothered going there, the no. 7 pink bus goes to Kimball Junction.