Activities & Tours

Activities & Tours

Wagner Custome Skis
Activities near Wolf Creek, Colorado Winter activities around Wolf Creek, South Fork and Pagosa Springs are mainly focussed around skiing and snowboarding. Beyond this, there are only a few things to do.

Ski Tours and ActivitiesCross country skiers can use the 10km of groomed trails at the Wolf Creek ski area. There is no charge for use of the trails and the tracks can also be used for snow-shoeing.

Adventure Activities Wolf Creek Snowmobile Tours offer 1-3 hour snowmobiling tours near the Wolf Creek ski area. They offer either adventure tours for those who want a bit of excitement, or family tours for those who prefer a cruisier experience. They have a shop in Pagosa Springs at 169 Pagosa Street (877-373-1414) and South Fork at 1 Browns Drive (877-373-1414).

Relaxation & Leisure Activities If you’re staying in the town of Pagosa Springs it seems essential to have at least one soak in the actual Pagosa Springs, the hot mineral pools. The Utes called the hot baths "Pah gosah" meaning "healing waters", although some Native Americans have stated that a more precise translation would be "water that has a strong smell"! The hot springs definitely have a great pong to them, but the sulphur smell is no stronger than what you’d expect for hot mineral springs.

The actual Great Pagosa Hot Springs is located just a short walk from the Pagosa Springs Post Office behind the Springs Resort on Hot Springs Blvd. The springs are 145 degrees Fahrenheit (63 degrees Celsius) so they’re too hot for bathing without frying your skin, but they are a tourist attraction in themselves.

Various establishments around town have made the most of the hot springs by pumping the waters into pools at an appropriate temperature. The Springs Resort on the river has 17 different hot pools and a lap pool overlooking the San Juan River. The pools differ in temperature and some such as the Tranquillity pool are for adults only (this doesn’t mean you can bathe in the nuddy!). If you dare, you can sit in the Lobster Pot at a scalding 109 degrees Fahrenheit (42.8C).

To complement your rest and relaxation from the hot springs, there are also various day spas in Pagosa Springs. Otherwise the only other leisure activity is a stroll around the shops, although in South Fork in particular, this won’t keep you entertained for very long.

For other ideas for things to do in the Wolf Creek area, visit the South Fork information centre at “the fork” or the Pagosa Springs information centre at 402 San Juan St.