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Don’t expect to find too many chic shops at Wolf Creek or in South Fork or Pagosa Springs. A ski vacation at Wolf Creek is super cheap anyway, but combined with the lack of shopping, the area is definitely a very safe place for your credit card.

Wolf Creek Ski Shops

At Wolf Creek there is a small ski shop, Treasure Sports, although it’s very debatable as to whether there are many treasures to be found. The shop sells basic ski and snowboard accessories such as gloves, goggles, beanies, and helmets as well as a small range of ski clothing, but nothing in the range that could be described as glamorous. The shop also sells Wolf Creek logo-wear such as t-shirts and a small range of gift wear. The Wolf Creek ski area also has a smaller shop called Noel Sports with the basic essentials for skiers and snowboarders.

South Fork has a few ski and snowboard shops. The largest is Doc’s Outdoor Sports (31101 W. Highway 160) although most of the shop is general sporting gear and ski equipment rental, with only a small retail range of ski clothing and accessories. The clothing includes some outerwear options but you’d have to be in need of a functional outfit to go shopping here. The shop also has logo-wear for Wolf Creek and South Fork such as t-shirts, hoodies and other souvenirs.

8200 Sports with Altitude (30923 W. Hwy 160 South Fork) is a very basic ski and snowboard shop with the main focus being on rentals. The shop sells a few ski/snowboard outfits and accessories, but once again the emphasis is on functionality not style.

If you’re shopping for ski or snowboard hardwear it can be a little challenging. Try the Ski and Bow Rack shop in Pagosa Springs who at least sell a small range of ski boots and hardwear.

General Shopping

Pagosa Springs has a small range of gift shops and other speciality shops in which to browse.

In South Fork, a pleasant surprise in the sophistication stakes is the Mountain Lighthouse & Gallery. No longer just selling lamps and lighting, the gorgeous shop sells home-wares, decorations, gifts and other lovely things. The back of the store is a women’s boutique.

Grocery Shopping

There are a few supermarkets and grocery stores in Pagosa Springs, with a concentration of food shops in a shopping precinct on the Durango side of town.

South Fork has the Rainbow Grocery, a small grocery store with very affordable prices.