Wolf Creek Lodging


Wolf Creek Lodging

There is no Wolf Creek lodging on-mountain. Accommodations for Wolf Creek are located in the towns of Pagosa Springs (24 miles away) and South Fork (18 miles away).

South Fork Colorado Hotels and Accommodation

South Fork in Colorado is a small town with a population of about 600. It’s a very laid-back town where glitz and glamour are not the highest priority, the nightlife is far from vibrant, and there’s only a handful of options for evening dining. Nevertheless staying in South Fork has many advantages over Pagosa Springs. Firstly dedicated powder hounds will want to stay in South Fork because the road on this side of the pass is more likely to be open during and after a storm. Imagine the glee of riding all the fresh tracks, knowing that the punters staying over in Pagosa Springs have to sit in the hot springs all day because they can’t get to Wolf Creek! Other advantages are that the drive up to Wolf Creek is quicker and less windy from the South Fork side, and that accommodations are incredibly affordable.

Many of the South Fork hotels and motels fit into the “cheap” category, and are great for those travelling on a complete shoestring. There are a few stand-out properties that provide decent quality whilst remaining good value for money.

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Lodgings near South Fork

There are a few accommodations on the Wolf Creek side of South Fork. One example is the Wolf Creek Ski Lodge, with the claim to fame of being the closest lodging to Wolf Creek (16 miles). This is ideal for powder hounds who want the morning freshies but also want to sleep in.

Pagosa Springs Lodging

Staying in Pagosa Springs lodging has the disadvantage of potentially missing out on a day of fresh powder, and a longer and more challenging drive up to Wolf Creek. You’ll also have to cope with the pungent sulphur smell from the hot springs! On the flip side, Pagosa Springs is a pretty town with a population of about 1,700 so it has more restaurants, cafes and shops, and a fraction of nightlife (but don’t get too excited!). This is probably a better place to stay if your whole group doesn’t want to go skiing or snowboarding, as there is a little more to do. That being said, with the exception of the hot springs, the winter activities in Pagosa Springs are still very limited.

Pagosa Springs has a range of lodging for moderate to luxury budgets. Don’t expect the same rock bottom prices as in South Fork, but the rates are still very reasonable.

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On the way out of town along highway 160 (on the Durango side) there are a series of hotels that provide even better value for money, but they will add another 10 minutes to the commute to Wolf Creek.