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Hachimantai Activities

Whilst the main focus of the Hachimantai region during winter for international visitors is skiing & snowboarding, there are a variety of activities to complement your ski holiday.

Hachimantai Cat Skiing Tours

Snowcat skiing is an incredible experience where you ride up in a snowcat in a cabin on the back instead of a chairlift. The advantage is the group is only 10 or so people so you get to ski/ride fresh powder all day!

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Guided Ski/Snowboard Tours

One of the best ways to access the incredible terrain and powder in Hachimantai is with a guide. Forget about logistics of how you are going to get to each resort each day and be guided to the best lines at each location every day.

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Another option is to jump onto a guided & hosted road trip multi-resort tour and all you have to do is get to the pick-up point and the rest is taken care of. See guided tours that visit the Hachimantai area here>>

Hachimantai Onsen

The Hachimantai region is renowned for its natural hot springs (onsens), which are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a day on the slopes. Hachimantai has various onsenkyo ie a collection of onsen in one village, which are somewhat common in northern Tohoku.

If you are onsen addicts like us, it is good to sample various onsen whilst in Hachimantai. Some of the onsen are very unique, and in the little village of Matsukawa Onsen, a few of the ryokan have old traditional onsen where there is mixed bathing (konyoku onsen) along with a ladies-only bath.

If you are relatively new to onsen you can see our guide to onsen etiquette.

Here are several of our favourite onsens in the area.

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Other Activities in Hachimantai

In addition to skiing, snowboarding and onsen hopping, there are numerous other activities. Opening hours can be very sporadic so it’s best to ring before you visit.

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