Hachimantai Restaurants & Bars

The area has a great variety of restaurants at the Appi Resort & pension village, Hachimantai township, the Hachimantai Mountain Hotel, and Morioka City. Like many Japanese ski resorts, vibrant nightlife is not so common, however there are some nice little gems for a quiet drink and a couple of bars in the Appi pension village that have a bit of a party vibe.

Hachimantai Downtown

If you are looking for a good cultural experience and great value food, “downtown” Hachimantai has a good selection of Japanese restaurants. It is located approximately 14km from Appi resort so a taxi won't cost too much. Just be aware that most of the restaurants in downtown don't accept credit cards and are cash only. Here are just a few of the restaurants on offer in downtown Hachimantai...

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Appi Kogen

Appi Kogen resort has a couple of restaurants within the confines of the hotels as well as a few small restaurants dotted around the pension village. If you are staying in Appi Kogen, all are within walking distance. There are also a couple of popular bars in the pension village that have a great party vibe.....

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Hachimantai Mountain Hotel

The Hachimantai Mountain Hotel has its own up-market restaurant within the hotel, however be aware that this can get pretty pricey if you are eating here for a few nights.

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Morioka City

If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, the best place to base yourself for your Hachimantai vacation would be Morioka City where you will find some good bars including karaoke bars.

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