Pucon Shopping


Pucon Shopping

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Pucon shopping is rather diverse, ranging from tacky souvenirs and simple Mapuche crafts to brand names and an upmarket arcade. Unfortunately some of the shops are only open during the main summer trading months, but there’s still adequate shopping in Pucon in winter to warrant going for a little wander.

The main tourist shopping is located on Fresia street where there are a range of cute shops. Here you’ll find a Patagonia shop, jewellery stores, art galleries and other swanky shops mixed in with artisanal shops selling wool sweaters, scarves, carvings, and Mapuche handicrafts.

There’s a gathering of artisan stalls in this area, and also a market up near the Gran Hotel Pucon. There’s also a gathering of handicrafts stalls on the road up to Volcano Villarrica.

On O’Higgins there are a couple of shops selling basic Pucon souvenirs such as T-shirts, but if folks are going to describe “Pucon as the Queenstown of Chile”, then they’d better ramp up their souvenir selling trade!! I also think of Pucon as the “San Martin de los Andes of Chile”, but there are only a few chocolate shops in Pucon so it doesn’t quite fit the mould!

Pucon has various outdoor stores (e.g. Patagonia) selling clothing and basic equipment, but we didn’t find a great ski shop.

If you’re looking for groceries in Pucon, there are a couple of supermarkets on O’Higgins.