Pucon Activities & Tours


Pucon Activities & Tours

Arpa Cat Skiing, Chile
Whilst much quieter during the winter months, Pucón still offers lots of things to do. In town there are an abundance of tourism agencies selling trips and adventure activities.

Villarrica Ski Touring and Ascending Volcan Villarrica

For many skiers and snowboarders, THE reason to visit Pucon is to ascend the Villarrica Volcano, and then ride its bad arse back down! This is a once in a lifetime experience to ski on a very active volcano. See the Pucon ski resort terrain page for more information.

You’ll want a trustworthy guide to go alpine touring (randonee) to the volcano crater. If you’re not on a multi-area ski tour (see options at the bottom of the page), head out with the very competent Claudio from Summit Chile who has extensive climbing and mountaineering experience, excellent English skills, quality equipment, small group sizes, and provides amusing insights into the history and geology of the area. Summit Chile offers two different tours.

Their primary tour is to randonee up to the top of the volcano, admire the amazing views, peer into the steaming stinky crater, and then take a very long line down the volcano on your board/s.

For those that are super energetic, Summit Chile also offers a very unique experience with a volcano ascent on the north facing aspect (where the ski resort is) and then a massive 2,000 metre ski/snowboard descent on the other side where the route finishes with a path through the Araucaria forest. A short walk then takes you to the Geometricas thermal springs (see below) where you can have a well deserved soak in the hot springs, followed by an amazing dinner.

Pucon Hot Springs

With all that geothermal activity near Villarrica, it comes as no surprise that there are many hot springs in the area. Soaking in thermal springs is a great activity for poor weather days or after a big day of adventure skiing.

Many of the termas are located on the opposite side of the Villarrica Volcano from Pucon near the town of Coñaripe, so they are a decent drive from Pucon. If you don’t have a car, many of the tourism agencies organize trips to the thermal hot springs.

Termas Geometricas is the most famous of the Villarrica hot springs. Geometricas has very well developed infrastructure but it still has an incredibly natural feel. A tight canyon with ferns and moss growing on the rocky walls has a series of 17 hot springs with slightly different temperatures that are connected via walkways that are painted an orangey red colour. The many changing rooms are also painted red, possibly Japanese onsen inspired. If you’re somewhat shy don’t fear because unlike with Japanese onsens you can wear your bathing suit! Termas Geometricas has a little café selling simple but very yummy food.

If you’re self-driving from Pucon to get to Termas Geometricas, head towards the town of Villarrica, make a left to Lican Ray and then follow the signs to Coñaripe. There’s a discrete sign to indicate the left turn up to the hot springs. The access road is 17km long, unpaved and just like a rally car road! The drive from Pucon to Termas Geometrics takes about 1:30 to 1:45 hours.

Other Pucon Activities

Pucon is activity central, although many of the usual activities don’t operate during winter. Things to do in winter include white water rafting, bike tours, horse riding, hiking tours and canopying (zip-lining). There are also various Mapuche cultural excursions on offer.

Be a little wary in choosing an operator for the more adventurous activities because some of them may seem cheap, but they don’t necessarily have the right experience and equipment to run the tour safely.