Farellones Facilities & Services

The base area at Farellones Chile
The outdoor deck provides fabulous views
Farellones has a few daytime eateries
Farellones has a few ski rental shops
El Montañés is a cute restaurant and bar
El Montañés is great for lunch
The base area
The Farellones nightlife at El Montañés can be rather vibrant
Ski and snowboard rentals are also readily available in the town of Pucon
A row of very basic "ski shops"
One of the little shops aka stalls
Basic snowboard gear
The mini-market at Farellones is rather mini!
Base Camp
Base Camp sells a handful of powder skis and split boards
The Base Camp shop
The Base Camp shop
The Base Camp shop

Farellones Facilities & Services

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The village of Farellones has rather simple facilities and services. It has a few activities, a small medical centre, a few restaurants, a bar, nightclub, and a handful of shops.

Farellones Activities

Besides the skiing and snowboarding, Farellones has a few family oriented activities. There are lift-served tubing lanes as well as canopying, although there are no trees in this part of Farellones so there is no canopy to fly through. Let’s just call it ziplining!

The village also has a small “zoo”, although with just a few llamas the definition of this may be a little off too!

Farellones Shops

The main base area of Farellones has a ski rental shop with equipment that is largely targeted at the beginner skiing and snowboarding fraternity. There is also a row of very basic shops/stalls that rent out and sell extremely simple equipment and accessories. If you’ve got an upcoming retro party, this might be the place to find some boots and old skis to go with your outfit!

Nearby is the “mini-market” which is super mini and sells only basic snacks, drinks, and beers (closed on Monday & Tuesday). You’ll need to purchase other groceries in Santiago.

Base Camp has a small shop selling a few pairs of powder skis, split boards, avalanche safety gear, and Mapuche handicrafts.

Farellones Nightlife & Restaurants

Many of the lodges in Farellones provide meals. Otherwise there are a few restaurants in Farellones; a couple within hotels, and a restaurant and bar up at the base area.

The slopeside El Montañés is a cute spot serving up pizzas, lots of parrilla style meat, and plenty of drinks. Après can be spent outside watching the stragglers returning from the slopes. The indoor section of the bar is sometimes very relaxed whilst later in the evening the place can be pumping. Ladies nights are particularly popular, although they don’t give out cheap or free drinks to the ladies, so there are no more ladies than other nights but the boys remain hopeful! If it’s a busy night you might have a long wait to get a drink. In classic “Chilean efficiency” they have multiple girls serving drinks but only one guy taking the orders and your money!

Some nights you can kick on at the Blue Tambo night club. You can drink lots of pisco sours and say “¡aye carumba” when you don’t make it to first lifts the next day!