Cerro Catedral Lodging Info


Cerro Catedral Lodging Info

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Villa Catedral Lodging

The village at Cerro Catedral provides about 7,000 beds including hotels, apartments, cabanas and houses. Some of the hotels are in the heart of the commercial part of the village and just a short walk to the lifts, whilst many of the houses in the outer part of the village are located a decent walk from the lifts.

The village is not integrated with the ski area so there’s only one hotel that provides ski-in ski-out accommodation, and that’s only when there’s adequate snow cover at the base. 

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Staying at Cerro Catedral vs Bariloche

Staying on-mountain at Cerro Catedral has the great advantage of easy access to the slopes, so serious skiers and boarders should probably stay on-mountain. Families may also prefer to stay on-mountain to avoid traipsing the family and all their gear up and down the mountain each day.

The other option is to stay down in a Bariloche hotel. There are lots of hotels and inexpensive hosterias and hostels in downtown Bariloche, as well as lodgings out of town overlooking the lake. The advantage of staying in Bariloche is a greater range of shops, restaurants, and bars than Villa Catedral (although Villa Catedral probably has enough of these for the average visitor) so party animals may prefer to stay in Bariloche. Bariloche also has a few more alternative activities to skiing and snowboarding.

A potential downside of staying in Bariloche may be the time and cost involved with travelling to and from the ski area, although the lodging is generally more affordable downtown so it may work out the same. Self-driving with a rental car or taxis or remises are a really easy way to commute to Cerro Catedral, but these can get a little costly. The other option is the public buses which are cheap, but they are generally crowded and sometimes you won’t be able to get on the bus and have to wait an hour for the next service.

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Lodgings between Bariloche & Cerro Catedral

There are many great accommodation options along the lake-front and on the road to Cerro Catedral from Bariloche.

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