Gulmarg Facilities & Services

Gulmarg Facilities & Services

Gulmarg Package Tours
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Services and facilities at Gulmarg Resort are reasonably basic, but if you keep your expectations low, you won’t be disappointed.

Gulmarg Ski Rentals

The Gulmarg ski shops have a small range of rental skis, and can do basic repairs and waxing, and may have the odd piece of backcountry touring gear, but don’t rely on this as stock is very limited and not necessarily of high quality. A few of the hotels also rent out very basic skis and snowboards, and for really dodgy equipment, there are a few hawkers about.

A couple of the Gulmarg tour operators are able to rent out backcountry safety equipment as part of the tour package.

Gulmarg Ski Lessons

Beginner ski lessons are ridiculously cheap, probably because they are targeted at the local Kashmiris and Indian tourists.

Facilities for Children

As Gulmarg is not a family oriented resort, there are no specific facilities for children.

Eating On Mountain

Just above the gondola mid station are a series of tea houses, that serve tea along with a variety of Kashmiri fare. Each tea house has a small hut where you can warm up around the fire, or there are lots of tables and chairs outside for fine days. Nearby are some toilets (for a small pee fee) that are passable by Kashmiri standards.

Otherwise the Hilltop Hotel near the base of the gondola has sandwiches and pizzas.

ATM Gulmarg

Cash is king in India and Kashmir. Credit cards should be used sparingly and only when confident the vendor is trustworthy, so you’ll want to carry cash.

There is an ATM in Gulmarg near the gondola station. It works periodically and should in no way be relied upon as a cash source. ATMs elsewhere in Kashmir are unreliable and few and far between, so you’ll need to cash up before you go, such as at the Delhi Airport. Try and get some cash in small denominations if you can, as it assists with small purchases (and not being over-charged because you don’t have the right change) and tipping.