Where is Gulmarg? Gulmarg ski resort is in the state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) located in the north west of India at the foot of the Himalayas. Gulmarg itself is situated on a high forested plateau (over 2,500 metres) at the base of Mt Apharwat (4,200 metres).

Gulmarg is 56km (about 1 ½ to 2 hours drive) from the J&K capital of Srinagar.
Travel to GulmargFlights to Srinagar:
Srinagar is the transport hub of Kashmir. Flights are easy to arrange via Delhi or any other major Indian centre. The best airlines to use within India are Kingfisher and Jet.

International flights to Delhi are many and varied and can take you via Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpar, Bangkok or Singapore. Cathay Pacific flies via Hong Kong and with a transit time of 8 hours allows you enough time to take a taxi to Hong Kong Disneyland – best transit ever! Scheduling of flights will generally mean at least one night will need to be spent in Delhi. There are a number of hotels close to the airport. None are particularly good, but neither are they particularly bad. The first experience in an Indian taxi from the Delhi airport to a hotel is a hoot. Make sure you use the pre-pay option (just ask at the airport), then hang on and enjoy the ride.

To search for a flight to Srinagar, use one of our recommended flight search engines such as Zugi.

Srinagar to Gulmarg:
Travelling from Srinagar airport to Gulmarg, chaos reigns and road rules seem absent as your transport dodges all manner of obstacles including (but not limited to) oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, military and police checkpoints, herds of goats, wandering cows, packs of dogs, piles of sheep entrails, street stalls, markets, brightly decorated buses with passengers on the roof, diesel belching over-laden trucks, convoys of armoured army vehicles, three legged sheep, random debris, rubbish of every description, flocks of scavenging ravens and hawks, armed soldiers on foot patrol, auto rickshaws, horse drawn carts, human drawn carts and abandoned remains of carts. Getting the picture?

If travelling with a tour, your transport will be waiting for you at Srinagar airport. If travelling independently, a range of taxis tend to be available to drive you up the hill. Cost will be dependent on your negotiation skills, but will range from Rs1500 to Rs3000 one way.

Getting Around Gulmarg The base area of Gulmarg Resort is about 2 kilometres from the market area. The journey can be walked, skied, sledded or driven. A taxi to the village is reasonably inexpensive. Walking the journey will expose you to all sorts of shenanigans!

Is it Safe to Travel to Kashmir and Gulmarg? In short yes, but the situation can change at any time. Check your government’s website for the latest information. For example Australians should visit the smart traveller website. The websites will generally recommend “do not travel” to Kashmir due to the possibility of terrorism. However if going to Gulmarg is your primary goal, it can be fairly easily and safely achieved. The local Kashmiris and the Indian military go to great lengths to ensure the safety of international skiers and boarders visiting Gulmarg. You’ll feel safer here than in Whistler on a Saturday night (not that there’s anything wrong with Whistler on a Saturday night!).

Female travellers may feel uncomfortable with the overt ogling one may get from many Kashmiri males. There are very few females on the streets of Srinagar and Gulmarg, so international females can draw a lot of attention that may be unwanted. Aside from that, the Kashmiris and the Indian military are very friendly, polite, respectful and helpful people.

Before You Go All travel to India (including Kashmir) requires a visa. This is best achieved by using registered mail to your local Indian consular office. Australians should refer to the High Commission of India in Australia.

Additionally, a number of vaccinations are prudent prior to departure. Consult your doctor and leave enough lead time as some vaccinations such as Hep B are completed over a period of 6 months.

Cash is king in India. Credit cards should be used sparingly and only when confident the vendor is trustworthy. ATMs in Kashmir are unreliable and few and far between, so you’ll need to cash up before you go. Try and get some cash in small denominations (Rs50 and Rs100) as it assists with tipping and getting the right change.