Getting to My Lyford

Getting to My Lyford

Where is Mt Lyford New Zealand?

Mt Lyford is located in the South Island of New Zealand, 2 hours/146km north of Christchurch. The ski field sits in the Marlborough Region whilst the access road is in Canterbury. Mt Lyford New Zealand is 26km northeast of Waiau, 60km east of the town of Hanmer Springs, and 60km southwest of Kaikoura.

Driving to Mt Lyford

Travel up Hwy 7 and then turn off onto Hwy 70 (Inland Rd). The excellent Lyford Lodge marks the entrance to the access road (Mt Lyford Forest Drive). The access road is 8km long (about 25 minutes drive depending on conditions) and whilst it’s not paved, it’s naturally rocky so it doesn’t turn into a muddy mess. The owners have done some work to widen the road just below the huts, but it’s still reasonably narrow which is pretty typical of a lot of New Zealand ski fields. Don’t get distracted by the views!

Chains have to be carried by vehicles at all times and fitted when advised. There is no chain hire nearby so organise it with your car rental.

Parking is free and if it’s a weekday you should be able to park just a stone’s throw from the day lodge.

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Shuttle to Mt Lyford New Zealand

From the Mt Lyford Lodge, if you have no vehicle or hitchhiking doesn’t appeal, or the thought of driving up the road is too daunting, Mt Lyford Express operates a shuttle bus every morning leaving at 8.30am.

Getting Around Mt Lyford

The base lodge is about 30 metres from the car park and requires the use of one’s legs. This may test some, but we suspect not.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Whilst the South Island is loaded with other commercial and club ski fields, the only other ski field close to Mt Lyford is the cosy Hanmer Springs which is located about an hour and a half drive away along Hwy 70 and Hwy 7.

Whilst the Rainbow Ski Field is also in the vague vicinity, in the north of the south island, it’s a mighty long way to drive between the two ski areas.

The main Canterbury ski fields (Porters, Broken River and Craigieburn etc) are a few hours’ drive further to the southwest.