Mt Lyford Lodge

Mt Lyford Lodge

Mt Lyford Lodge

Mt Lyford Lodge

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Mt Lyford Lodge – South Island, New Zealand There is only one place in New Zealand where you can sup on the finest feral foods, lounge in New Zealand’s largest log building and watch the sunrise over Mt Lyford. It’s Lyford Lodge of course.

Where is the Mt Lyford Lodge? Situated on the South Island about 130km north of Christchurch, Lyford Lodge is situated on Hwy 70 at the start of the Mt Lyford access road.

The closest major airport is in Christchurch, which is about 100 minutes drive away. Travelling to Lyford Lodge from Christchurch is easy. Simply follow Hwys 1, 7 and 70 until you see the big Mt Lyford Lodge sign on your left.

Skiing wise, the Mt Lyford ski field is an exciting 20 minutes drive up the access road from the Lodge. Whilst the South Island is loaded with other club and commercial ski fields, the only other ski field close to Lyford Lodge is the cosy Hanmer Springs which is located a good hour and a half drive away along Hwy 70, 7 and 7A.

Lodge Rooms Three types of rooms are available, catering to all budgets, plus powered caravan/RV sites for anyone travelling in true kiwi tourist style. None of the rooms have TVs, clock radios or music players of any description, so distractions are few and silence is golden.

Motel rooms (6 in total) are located on the ground level with parking at the door. They are self contained with a queen plus a single or bunk bed. The kitchenettes in the motel rooms are reasonably well appointed with fridge, sink, kettle, toaster, microwave and all crockery/cutlery, but have no stove top or oven and associated cook ware. These are available in the communal kitchen on the second level at the opposite end of the building.

Double rooms (4 in total) are located in the main building on the second level. These rooms have no ensuite facilities but instead utilise the communal bathrooms (downstairs and outside) and adjacent communal kitchen. Access to a communal lounge is on the same level.

For the fully budget conscious, there are three bunkrooms, each with 12 beds. As with the double rooms, communal bathrooms, lounge and kitchen are shared by all. Mid week in winter, the bunkrooms have very few people in them so are a great option.

The communal bathrooms are a tad cold, but are well maintained and very clean. Similarly the communal kitchen is well appointed and clean.

Facilities/Services Facilities at the Mt Lyford Lodge:
  • Full restaurant and bar;
  • Lounge area in the main building with couches, tables, and huge fireplace;
  • Full laundry and drying room;
  • Wi FI internet is available throughout the building;
  • Daily snow report and updated road/weather info;
  • 3 x outdoor hot tubs with superb views of Mt Lyford (unfortunately even guests have to pay NZ$5 each for the privilege – they do provide plastic cups to imbibe a few grogs whilst in the hot tub though);
  • Billiard table in the main building;
  • Parking directly adjacent to the main building;
  • Snow the dog is friendly and likes to watch!!
Dining Given that there is nothing else within a 50 kilometre radius, it is just as well the Lyford Lodge dishes up some seriously good food.

A range of feral delights are beautifully prepared by the chef. Dishes based on goat, hare, deer, tahr (an introduced Himalayan goat!), rabbit as well as more fare of a more traditional variety provides plenty of culinary interest. Desserts are simple but delightful and the full bar has a range of local and imported beer, wine and spirits. Beware sitting on the bench next to the stairs as Snow the dog takes a very keen interest in any meal served to guests!

Breakfasts are available at the Lyford Lodge from 8am. The Powderhounds thought this was a bit late, but when one realises the laid back, no hurry attitude of the Mt Lyford ski resort, brekky after 8am is still probably too early!

Shopping Kaikoura, an hour’s drive away on the coast is the closest real town for shopping, restaurants ATMs and other requirements. If you require something extraordinary, Christchurch isn’t really that far away.

Why Stay at the Mt Lyford Lodge? Impressive building, awesome feral foods, convivial evening atmosphere in the bar, great range of accommodation to suit all budgets, and the closest commercial lodgings to the hugely fun and underrated Mt Lyford ski resort.

For more information and to book see the Mt Lyford Lodge website.