Broken River Food & Nightlife

Broken River Food & Nightlife

Broken River doesn’t have a restaurant and bar scene. This is a club field not a ski resort! Those seeking a range of dining and nightlife options should stay in Methven.

On-Mountain Dining

Palmer’s Day Lodge is the only option for daytime dining. They can have a kitchen and outdoor BBQ where you can self-cook. The canteen at the day lodge sells beverages and very simple meals and snacks.

Evening dining occurs within the accommodation lodges. Lyndon Lodge has a cook and is fully catered. At Broken River Lodge the food is provided but is cooked by the guests as part of their chores, and at White Star Chalet you have to fend for yourself.

Restaurants Off-Mountain 

If you’re staying in Springfield or passing through, the Springfield Hotel has bistro meals or take-away meals at very budget prices. The décor is very shabby chic minus the chic, but it is a very friendly environment nonetheless with some colourful characters for company. It is also quite child friendly.

Broken River Nightlife

The canteen at the day lodge sells beers so a spot of “après” is possible up at the ski area. If staying at Lyndon Lodge you can buy drinks and have après in the comfort of the lodge.

At Broken River, the extent of the nightlife at the lodges is really a case of what you make of it yourself.