Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

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Naeba Prince Hotel Restaurants

The Naeba Prince Hotel has 23 restaurants to choose from. Many of them have enormous windows and offer delightful views of the ski slopes, so it’s incredibly peaceful to sit inside in the warmth and watch the night skiers in action.

The Prince Hotel restaurants range from very formal to completely casual. Beaux Sejours offers upscale French dining with an exquisite range of menu items. There is a New York steak and seafood restaurant, a couple of Chinese eateries, or a western style buffet restaurant. Naturally Japanese cuisine is very common with lots of different restaurants serving dishes such as sushi, soba noodles, and izakaya style fare.

For those with accommodation packages that include dinner, a meal ticket can be used at most restaurants for some menu items or you can pay as you go for more flexibility.

The hotel also has a few casual and inexpensive meal options such as a pizzeria.

Prince Hotel Bars & Nightlife

The nightlife at Naeba is reasonably sedate and there’s definitely no partying until the wee hours.

For a dignified drink, head to the Chatelaine cocktail lounge at the hotel. The bar has gorgeous old fashioned lounge chairs and chandelier light fittings, and the view across the illuminated ski slopes adds to the beautiful ambience of this upscale bar. You will have to pay a premium for drinks, so sip don’t scull!

Nearby is the Shochu dining area which is more like an izakaya (Japanese bar). You can chain smoke and there’s no air conditioning, so only go there for a festive drink if you love smoking.

Naeba Restaurants and Bars

If you want a change of scene from the Prince Hotel, walk across the car park and river and go exploring in the little town of Naeba (Mikuni). Here there are various inexpensive restaurants and a good Japanese cultural experience.

The town looks rather run down in places, as though it would really appreciate your business!

We checked out a gorgeous little Korean style BBQ restaurant in the main street called Tohkichi. Apart from my limited flexibility to be able to sit on the floor in front of a grill, it was a delightfully friendly experience, and amazingly they had a limited English menu (but as to be expected the staff didn’t speak English).

Naeba also has a few cute izakayas where you can enjoy some kanpai with the locals and eat some tasty Japanese appetizers. At Hotel Noel Naeba there’s an adorable izakaya and there’s another charming izakaya opposite the Tohkichi restaurant.