Naeba Shopping

Naeba Shopping

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Naeba Shopping

Naeba ski resort has various shopping opportunities, with several shops located within the Prince Hotel precinct. The nearby town of Naeba (Mikuni) also has a few shops, but you’re not likely to break the piggy bank in this funny little town. 

Naeba Ski Shops

The Prince Hotel has a few ski and snowboard shops. Whilst they have some very tasty gear, if you’re not from Japan, you may not recognise some of the brands or the sizes. You’re also likely to find an array of Asian fit goggles and gloves that are on the small side.

Whilst the Prince Hotel shops provide a range of accessories, outerwear and inner layer clothing, there is very little hardwear for sale. You might want to head to a great shop over at Kagura near the Mitsumata ropeway. The Powder Station has snowboard rental, a range of retail skis including powder skis, outerwear, and lots of backcountry accessories.

The ski and snowboard shops in the town of Naeba have mainly rental gear, and the quality of the equipment is from the dark ages. One of the convenience stores sells really old second hand goods, so if you’ve got an 80s day coming up at your local ski hill, you might be able to pick up a pair of classic skinny skis or a one piece fluoro powder suit!!

Souvenir Shopping

Inside the Prince Hotel are a few souvenir shops that sell pretty typical Japanese kitsch souvenirs, as well as a gift shop that specialises in sake. The Japanese also love food gifts, so of course there are lots of food stuffs and gift confectionary for sale.

General Shopping

The Prince Hotel has a couple of convenience stores that sell snacks and beverages. There is also a pharmacy that has a reasonably comprehensive range of medications and other chemist goods. It is pretty expensive though, even if you just want to buy something simple like aspirin.

The town of Naeba has a few shops that sell basic food, alcohol and souvenirs.

Echigo-Yuzawa Shopping

OMG! If you’ve got some spare time when you’re going through the Echigo-Yuzawa train station, stop for a shop. Unlike a lot of souvenir shops in Japan, they actually have a large range of tasteful Japanese souvenirs and gorgeous decorations, the complete antitheses of Hello Kitty paraphernalia. The train station has a market place where you can buy and taste Japanese snacks galore and then wash them down with some sake. Lots of different stalls sell sake, which naturally you have to try before you buy (!!), or there is a specific sake tasting area where you pay for the privilege.