How To Get There

How To Get There

Where is Ikenotaira?

Ikenotaira is one of the Myoko ski resorts in the Niigata Prefecture. Ikenotaira Onsen is 32km north of the city of Nagano. Road distances:
  • Suginohara – 4km south of Ikenotaira
  • Akakura Kanko Resort – 2.7km to the north
  • Akakura Onsen Village – 3.4km to the north
  • Myokokogen train station – 4.2km to the east

Driving to Ikenotaira

Having a car provides a lot of flexibility to explore the Myoko ski resorts, the other nearby ski resorts, or to do some sightseeing in Nagano or Matsumoto. The telephone number of Ikenotaira Ski Resort for GPS navigation is 0255-86-2370 and it’s a really easy drive to get there.

You can rent a car with English GPS in Nagano or at the Tokyo airports.

Travel to Ikenotaira Myoko – Multi-Day Stays

If you’re staying in Ikenotaira accommodation, there are a couple of options for getting to Myoko via trains or bus from the airport. Your accommodation can then provide a transfer from the Myokokogen train station or the Akakura bus stop.

Bus to Ikenotaira – Day Trips

There are inexpensive buses to Ikenotaira from other parts of Myoko Kogen. There are buses about 5 times a day between the Myokokogen train station and the Alpen Blick Hotel at one of the bases of the Ikenotaira Ski Resort.

Or the Mt Myoko Shuttle Bus heads from Akakura Onsen to Akakura Kanko, Ikenotaira Onsen and Suginohara. The trip from Akakura to Ikenotaira takes about 15 minutes and there are about 10 services per day. Your accommodation should be able to provide you with a timetable.

Or if you want to day trip to Ikenotaira from Tokyo, there are various bus companies that offer day trips.

Getting Around Ikenotaira

The Ikenotaira Onsen village is rather sprawling. It is possible to navigate on foot, but having a car can be handy. Many of the lodgings are about a 10 minute walk to the ski resort or are driving distance, and only some of the accommodations provide a shuttle service.

Other Ski Resorts Near Ikenotaira

Myoko makes a good base to visit other nearby ski resorts. From Ikenotaira:

Other ski resorts that are easy to reach for a day trip are: Togakushi; Shiga Kogen; Kijimidaira; and Ryuoo.