Getting To Yubari

Getting To Yubari

Where is Yubari Resort?

Yubari Ski Resort aka Mount Racey (Reisuiyama) is located in the town of Yubari Hokkaido, which is in the Sorachi Sub-Prefecture in south central Hokkaido.

Getting To Yubari

Driving to Mount Racey

Driving to Mount Racey is probably the easiest way to get there, particularly if you’re taking a road trip of various Central Hokkaido ski resorts. The Yubari Ski Resort phone number for GPS navigation is 0123-52-5151.

Yubari Hokkaido is only 55km northeast of the New Chitose Airport (1 hour drive) and 66km east of Sapporo (1 hour drive).

There are traffic lights in the town of Yubari which are a bit of a joke – the place is deserted, so god knows why they need them!

Train to Yubari

Very conveniently, the Hotel Mount Racey and the Yubari Ski Resort are right opposite the Yubari train station on the Sekisho line. Not so conveniently, it’s a pain in the arse little remote train line that can be annoyingly slow to get to.

Yubari is the end of the line (in more ways than one!) and it’s a very slow local line with a one carriage train that might be lucky to have 5 passengers on it! Train timetables are about as scarce as passenger numbers. See Hyperdia for train timetables. Typically the trains that arrive in Shin Yubari don’t line up with those that depart Shin Yubari for Yubari (lord only knows why!?), so you might have to sit around waiting in the dinky little train station. Trains that change at Minami-Chitose tend to line up a little better but are very slow.

From the Yubari train station, guests of the Hotel Mount Racey can just shuffle about 50 metres to reception. For those staying at the Shuparo Hotel, there are occasional shuttles but these tend to operate for skiing hours (ie in the early morning and late afternoon). Taxis can be scant, so when we arrived the little lady in the tourist centre drove us to the hotel in her equally little car – a pretty funny sight with all our gear hanging out the windows!

Bus to Yubari Resort

There are buses from the domestic terminal of the New Chitose Aiport to Yubari that take only 1:15 hours. It will probably take you about that long to figure out how to book it!

Guided Day Trips to Yubari

On some occassions when the snow is good, some guiding companies offer day trips to Yubari (mostly from Furano)

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Getting Around Yubari

The train station, the ski resort and the Hotel Mount Racey are co-located in the southwest end of town. The Shuparo Hotel is 1.4km to the northeast, and nearby is the post office and few little restaurants.

It’s about a 15-20 minute walk between the two areas, or there are free shuttle buses between the Shuparo Hotel, Hotel Mount Racey and the ski resort. The only problem is that the shuttles don’t go that often and don’t operate throughout the day. The shuttles head from Shuparo Hotel to the ski area in the morning, but the first shuttle doesn’t return to the Shuparo Hotel until 3:30pm so you can’t have a short ski day if you’re bored (although if you smile really sweetly you might be able to arrange a shuttle on-demand!).

The last bus from Hotel Mt Racey to Shuparo is about 7:30pm so you can’t have a late dinner at the Hotel Mount Racey if you’re staying at Shuparo. If you’re staying at Shuparo, you’ll ideally want to have a car.

Other Ski Resorts Nearby

Mt Racey is 94km by road to the southwest (1.5 hours) of Furano Ski Resort, and 85km west of Tomamu Ski Resort. Sahoro Resort is 107km to the east of Mount Racey.