Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services

Yubari Resort has reasonable facilities and amenities for skiers and snowboarders, although they are mostly targeted to the locals. There are a few key staff at the two hotels that speak English, otherwise don’t expect English to be widely spoken, which is somewhat refreshing compared to the some of the westernised ski resorts in Japan.

Mt Racey Ski and Snowboard School

The Mt Racey ski school has group and private lessons, but they are only conducted in Japanese.

For the small kids, there is an indoors learning area next to the gondola.

Yubari Ski and Snowboard Rental

There is a ski and snowboard rental outlet in the gondola building. I’d recommend BYOing gear because the ski boots are from another century (rear entry!) which probably also provides some indication of how old the skis and snowboards are too!

Facilities for Children

Other than a small area for tobogganing at the base of the ski resort, there are no specific kids’ facilities at Yubari. There is no child care, kids park or games arcade or the like.

Eating On Mountain

The day lodge, the Center House, has a small cafeteria (especially in comparison to some of the mega-cafeterias that some small ski areas have). This is one of those fun Japanese ski resort cafeterias where you partially guess what to order for lunch. You look at the picture of the food you want and then head to the vending machine to order your lunch and hope that an item of a similar price and with a similar looking character is what you actually want. Half the laugh of travelling in Japan!

The cafeteria also has a brown baggers area.

Over in the Hotel Mount Racey is a small café selling bakery goods, dreadful coffee and melon ice-cream.


Your credit card is pretty safe at Mount Racey as you’re very unlikely to go out on a spending spree!

There is a little shop in the gondola building. Actually it’s too small to call it a “shop”; it’s more like a corner, selling very simple ski and snowboard accessories.

At the Hotel Mount Racey is a souvenir shop that sells snacks, beverages, the typical confectionary gifts, and the obligatory tacky Japanese souvenirs. There are also some Yubari specific souvenirs, and considering Yubari is famous for its melons, there are melon souvenirs and melon bear (the Yubari mascot) apparel including some particularly distasteful underpants!

Your potential saviour whilst at Yubari Resort could be the Seicomart, which is adjacent to the front of the Hotel Mount Racey. As with most Seicomarts, the convenience store is great to buy meals, snacks, drinks and various sundries.


The Hotel Mount Racey has an onsen which is available for non-guests to use for a fee. It has an indoor bath and a nice outdoor bath for each gender.

Guests of the Shuparo Hotel can use the onsite onsen. There are only indoor baths and these are not that aesthetically pleasing.

Banking Facilities

As with the majority of Japanese ski resorts, it’s wise to arrive at Mt Racey fully cashed up, although there is a post office in town with an ATM if you need some more yen.