Furano Restaurants & Bars


Furano Restaurants & Bars

The Furano ski resort villages (both the Furano side and the Kitanomine village) and the nearby town of Furano have many restaurants and a few bars.

Downtown Furano Restaurants

The town of Furano has the best range of restaurants, many of which are Japanese and provide a taste of the “real Japan”. Don’t despair if you’re not fluent in Japanese. Most of the Furano restaurants have English menus or picture menus. Most of the Furano restaurants have Japanese fare on offer. You can take your pick from a diverse range of food including sushi, noodle bars, izakaya snacks, Mongolian BBQs and curries.

The main street of Furano is perpendicular from the station, but it doesn’t have a high concentration of restaurants. Rather, the downtown Furano restaurants are spread around the streets and laneways, so you may need to do a bit of exploration.

Kumagera is located close to the station. This Furano restaurant has an English menu and some of the staff speak English. It serves up a range of dishes including curry, appetizers, deer and bear! Luckily there’s no Furano fox on the menu considering it specialises in local cuisine.

One gorgeous restaurant is Robarta in Suzuran Dori (a little alley in town with various cute izakayas). The décor is delightfully traditionally as are the staff who don’t speak English and there are no English menus. They heat up your atsukan (warm sake) on the fire in a kettle in the middle of the room (robarta style), and the owner even adds up your bill on an abacus – this is a major step back in time!

Fuku Zushi is located close to the train station. This simple sushi restaurant has an English menu and some staff speak a little English. The sushi is nice enough but the sushi pieces are so big that it’s hard to pick them up with your chopsticks, let alone get them in your mouth!

Topical Sushi provides a classic sushi train experience, and it gets rather busy on the weekends with the locals.

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Kitanomine Restaurants

Options for Kitanomine restaurants are somewhat limited, and many people to choose to dine at their hotel.

The Hitohana Hotel has a lounge where you can get simple pizzas, and some nights the restaurant has a gourmet buffet dinner that includes an all-you-drink wine offering from their local winery.

In Kitanomine, Yama no Doxon (Furano Brewery) is a winner for dinner. It’s a pretty cool old building with big log posts and wooden floors, and you can sit on the floor at the massive tables in the big room, or sit at high tables in a couple of other rooms. The English menu covers a range of Japanese and western items, and of course it seems apt to taste the local brew as well.

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Other Furano Restaurants

There are a handful of restaurants within the New Furano Prince Hotel including a sushi restaurant and a classic all you can eat buffet, which seems like a quintessential Japanese ski resort experience.

A few minutes walk from the New Furano Prince Hotel is Le Gaulois Furano, which offers a pricy Hokkaido take on Italian cuisine.

Furano Bars & Nightlife

There is a degree of Furano nightlife, but it’s fairly low key. If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife then Niseko Hirafu will suit your needs much better than Furano.

Après ski drinking opportunities (ie just after the lifts close) are rather limited and your best bet is to make your own fun with your duty free alcohol or Chu-His from the 7-Eleven or vending machine.

In Kitanomine, the Ajito log cabin bar is worth a visit. This is a little sports bar where you can watch TV and play pool over a few bevvies. They also serve food, although their specialty of Dutch Oven Curry doesn’t sound too appealing!?

The Furano Brewery is also good for bevvies.

Soh’s Bar near the New Prince Hotel is a sedate cigar bar ideal for those staying at the New Furano Prince Hotel. The other option at the hotel is Top of Furano, a quiet wine bar overlooking the night skiing slopes.

There are a few bars and izakayas in Furano town that are small and cosy, with a wine-bar feel to them. For wine lovers, the Furano whites are surprisingly good. Or visit the Dream House Kingyo, a nice karaoke bar where you don’t have to sit in weird soundproof booths. They have a couple of very dangerous all-you-can-drink party plans!

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