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There is a little bit of shopping of Panorama, but don’t get too excited. There are also a couple of boutiques and shops in the town of Invermere, but similarly keep your expectations in check. The credit card shouldn’t get too much of a beating!

Panorama Ski Shops

Can-ski in the Ski Tip day lodge is a large shop selling ski and snowboard gear and apparel, although this is somewhat limited because most of the shop is dedicated to various Panorama souvenirs. They sell outerwear such as Columbia and North Face but nothing too significant, and a small stock of skis and boots. They have plenty of ski accessories and the biggest collection of goggles ever seen!

Showcase Snowboards in the Pine Inn is a small shop dedicated to snowboard gear from brands such as Burton, Oakley, Dakine, Red and Spy. There is also the Syndicate Board shop down in Invermere.

The RK Heli Alpine Boutique is a small shop selling RK heli skiing souvenirs as well as various ski accessories, inner wear and limited outerwear.

General Shopping at Panorama

Bavin Glass Cabin in the prime real estate of the upper village has locally made souvenirs made of glass, clay and metal.

Grocery Shopping

Most of the accommodations have kitchens so it’s possible to cook up a feast at “home” each night. Panorama has a general store but the grocery component of it is mini in size. The general store (open 8am to 10pm) also has other sundries and basic necessities such as beer, wine, and movie rentals. Most visitors stock up on groceries at Sobey’s in Invermere before they hit the mountain. They don’t deliver, so if you run out of supplies and are without a car, there are shuttles that head into town a few times a day.

Of course the other option is to eat out at one of the various Panorama restaurants each night, and have morning fuel up sessions at Lusti’s. Decadent!