Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

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When it comes to apres-ski drinks, evening dining and nightlife, there is only one option at Castle Mountain Resort, the T-Bar Pub and Grill.

From the outside the T-Bar is very unassuming. It almost looks like a shed and it’s rather breezy inside, but a lot of love has gone into the internal décor.

This small pub has plenty of character, half booths, low tables, cool photos on the walls, old ski patrol signs adorning the walls and the roof, and also retro skis and boots on the ceiling. The T-Bar feels like a time warp; like how bars used to be. You can almost imagine a wet t-shirt competition starting up at any moment!

The vivacity of the pub varies significantly. On week nights it can be very quiet, whilst on weekends, Saturday nights in particular, it can really fire up.

Drinks are very reasonably priced and the pints of beer are very inexpensive, especially compared to the likes of Banff.

The food menu is decent sized and includes various appetizers, lots of pizza options, a little pasta, and perhaps a curry.

The chef seems to really like cheese as most meals are adorned with abundant cheese. He must go through a tonne of cheese each day!