Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Wagner Custome Skis

Grand Targhee Restaurants & Bars

At Grand Targhee Resort, several dining options are available within very easy walking distance from the lodges, all in the main plaza. The two main evening venues close at 8pm and 9pm, which gives you a bit of an indication of the nightlife on offer at Grand Targhee.

For breakfast, Snorkel’s is the place, and it also does a reasonable sanga for lunch.

The Branding Iron serves up first rate dinners in a fine setting, with amazing steaks and vegetarian options such as cauliflower steak. The Branding Iron also has some good après-ski specials to entice you in for a hot toddy and appetizers.

At the Trap Bar, the Powderhounds had one of the best burgers served to them in the US. It came with bacon and bleu cheese – mmmmm, bleu cheese........ We also had a nice dose of the waffle chips. Otherwise the food was very average with too many deep fried options. You definitely go to Trap Bar for the atmosphere, not the food.

The Trap Bar is the only ONE place for drunken cavorting and a boogey in Grand Targhee. Some will be sad to find that if you don’t go out until 8pm, you may find the bar closed for the night. All the lively action happens for après from 3ish to 7ish. After that, most people have gone home, but with such a lively après, it may be all you need. Live music happens more nights than not and the tap beer selection is exceptional.

Driggs Restaurants and Bars

The other place for a night out is The Royal Wolf pub in Depot St, Driggs, which has some very tasty tucker and brews. The local teetotalling Mormons apparently objected fiercely to this establishment and hence you’ll find it tucked away out of sight down a side street off the main drag. Anything on the menu is good and the sides are sensational – try the fully loaded Idaho spuds, homemade samosas and potato skins, washed down with a ‘Rogue’ brown ale.

Or if you’ve grown a little tired of American fare, head to Teton Thai. This restaurant has the same name as the very popular eatery in Teton Village at Jackson Hole, but it’s not the same company.

For day time dining, head to the Provision Kitchen for great food with generous portions, and great prices.