It is a powder mecca not a shopping mecca, but there are enough Snowbird shops to at least cater for basic needs. There are Snowbird ski and snowboard shops, gift stores and a couple of specialty shops.

Snowbird Ski Shops and Snowboard Shopping

There are a few Snowbird ski shops in the main village area including Snowbird Sports, Cliff Sports, and Christy Sports, and there is also Creekside Sports in the Gad Valley base area.

Cliff Sports (Level 1, The Cliff Lodge) is a swanky Snowbird ski shop selling beautiful ski clothing and accessories from brands such as Bogner and Kjus as well as a few functional brands. They don’t sell any hardwear.

Christy Sports is a very large shop with a great range of ski clothing from upmarket brands and more functional brands such as Mammut and Arcteryx. This shop sells a moderate range of ski and snowboard boots, snowboards and skis.

Pipeline (The Snowbird Center, Level 1) has ski and snowboard accessories and clothing that will be to the taste of people who like unstylish dull camouflage-coloured clothing. It sells other ugly clothing that’s more streetwear than mountain wear.

Souvenir Shopping

Most of the Snowbird shops sell various souvenirs. The biggest range of Snowbird souvenirs is in the Wings Snowbird Store. Named after the resort’s trademark wings, this store is jam packed with t-shirts, hats and novelty items. You might need to breathe in to walk around this store.

General Shopping Snowbird

Marco Polo’s in the Cliff Lodge is an unusual store for a ski resort that only has a handful of shops. The shop has a fascinating collection of arts and artefacts including a large collection of rugs.

Snowbird also has a jewellery store and a pharmacy (Snowbird Center Sundries) with basic meds in case you catch a cold.

Grocery Shopping

General Gritts is a medium sized general store which stocks basic groceries, some fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, frozen food and sundries. It also has a decent range of liquor. For substantial grocery purchases, supermarkets in Salt Lake City are a much better option.

Cliff Sundries at the Cliff Lodge has an assortment of snacks and drinks, magazines and newspapers, and a small range of Snowbird gifts. Snowbird Center Sundries (level 3) is also aptly named with similar odds and ends including beer, clothing, souvenirs and a post office.