Food & Nightlife

Food & Nightlife

Taos Ski Valley has a small selection of restaurants and bars in the small village. For greater variety, head to Arroyo Seco or the town of Taos.

Restaurants On-Mountain at Taos Ski Valley

In addition to the on-mountain cafeterias outlined on the Taos facilities and services page, there are a handful of restaurants for evening dining.

The Bavarian Lodge at the base of the Kachina lift is open for dinner with shuttles available to and from the main base area. They have German fare on offer including weißwurst (“white sausage”), wienerschnitzel, sauerkraut, fondue and strudel. And considering the Bavarians are such beer-loving people, you won’t be disappointed with the beers on offer. All that beer and rich food will provide you with plenty of motivation to ski hard the next day.

Other restaurants include the restaurant at Hotel Edelweiss and Hondo Restaurant at The Inn at Snakedance. And if you’re really game, go to Tim’s Stray Dog Cantina for New Mexico cuisine where the speciality is the green and red chile. Be warned though, this incredibly spicy food is not for pussies.

Restaurants between the Ski Resort and Taos Town

In the little village about a mile and a half down the road from Taos Ski Valley at the Amizette Lodge is X-Treme Steaks, where they serve filet mignon, elk medallions and burgers as well as various kids’ options.

Sabroso in Arroyo Seco is a funky restaurant and bar with good food. It is small, dark and upscale cosy with sofas and overstuffed chairs and low key live music. There’s also an inexpensive Japanese restaurant and sake bar in Arroyo Seco.

Restaurants in Taos Town

Doc Martin’s restaurant at the Taos Inn is a favourite with visitors and locals. They have a great menu with interesting twists on common southwest dishes, as well as unique menu items such as rattlesnake and rabbit sausages. Save room for dessert because the pastry chef makes creations that are to die for. The wine list is also fabulous.

Ogelvies Taos Grill and Bar at the top of the plaza is also popular with the tourists. It’s a large restaurant and bar with a menu of steaks and New Mexico food (that sounds and tastes suspiciously like Mexican food to me). Beverage selections include a range of wines, beers and margaritas that are fabulously potent (or maybe I could just blame the altitude for my light headedness?!).

For a local fave rave try The Love Apple in Fernando Miera’s old chapel on Paseo Norte. The theme is still New Mexican but many of the menu items are original and are prepared with organic ingredients.

For unabashedly Mexican food, Guadalajara Grill has two locations at either end of town. The food is yummy and affordable. For more upscale Mexican, try Antonio’s

Bars & Nightlife On-Mountain

The Martini Tree Bar is upstairs from Tenderfoot Katie’s cafeteria at the main base area. The name of the bar originated because Ernie Blake used to hide martini pitchers in trees around the ski resort and then retrieve them when a ski school participant needed some Dutch courage. The name of the bar gives the impression that it’s a cocktail bar, but it’s much more like a college bar with pool tables, ski run signs, and big TVs. Martinis are rarely consumed there and the beverage of choice seems to be beer. The beer is served in plastic cups so you can really feel like you’re at a college party!

If you want your drink in a glass, Hotel St Bernard’s is great for an après drink, either on the deck or in the bar. Or if you want more of a family atmosphere you can hang out in the cosy dining area where there are kitsch ornaments hanging everywhere including copper pots, plants, old skis, colourful pendant lights, cowbells and even cutlery!

Other than the bar at the Inn at Snakedance, other après or evening bars also double as restaurants including the Edelweiss Bistro, The Bavarian, and Tim’s Stray Dog Cantina where they make mean margaritas.

Bars & Nightlife in Town

The nightlife in Taos is generally more spirited than that at Taos Ski Valley, but unless you catch the Alley Cantina on a wild night, the nightlife in Taos is still relatively mild.

Other options for potential dancing are: the Old Blinking Light (on the way home from the ski resort), particularly if everyone’s been drinking plenty of margaritas; the new dance bar Shadows; Kachina Lodge; and The Sagebrush Inn if you want to take your partner by the hand.

My favourite nitespot is the Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn. It’s generally a relaxed sit down affair with margaritas, beers and a range of live music, but the highlight is the eclectic mix of people that gather in this cosy bar.

For evening entertainment the other option is a spot of gambling at the Taos Mountain Casino at the Taos Pueblo.