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Telluride Helitrax

Telluride Helitrax4.3/52
Telluride Helitrax4.3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Telluride Helitrax - operates daily (subject to conditions) during winter out of Telluride Ski Resort
Telluride Helitrax - the San Juan ranges are famous for the cold smoke powder
Telluride Helitrax - the excitement of the heli landing on top of you
Telluride Helitrax - with over 200 square miles of terrain there is plenty of variety
Telluride Helitrax - minimum ability for skiers should be advanced intermediate & snowboarders advanced
Telluride Helitrax - uses Eurocopter A-Star B-e helicopters which are powerful and efficient at high elevation
Telluride Helitrax - the views over Telluride are spectacular
Telluride Helitrax - most of the terrain is Alpine
Telluride Helitrax - operates with small groups of 4 guests to a guide
Telluride Helitrax - a day includes 6 runs of powder bliss
Telluride Helitrax - offers packages including return fixed wing flights for those staying at Aspen or Vail
Telluride Helitrax - the season runs from late December to early April
Telluride Helitrax - there in no minimum age as long as they meet the ability criteria. U16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Telluride Helitrax - also offer multi-day packages with accommodation or you can DIY accommodation
Telluride Helitrax - the eye candy whilst flying around isn't too bad!
Telluride Helitrax - runs a maximum of 20 skiers/boarders each day (but usually only 16)
Telluride Helitrax - the high elevation keeps the snow cold and dry
Telluride Helitrax - advanced reservations are essential as seats are limited
Telluride Helitrax - this will be one of the best days of your life!
Telluride Helitrax - so what are you waiting for, click here to enquire or make a reservation

Telluride Helitrax

Overall Rating

Telluride Helitrax4.3/52
Telluride Helitrax4.3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

Telluride Helitrax Heli Skiing Colorado

Helitrax Heli-Skiing provides the perfect opportunity to ski or board exquisite powder. Take a helicopter, the ultimate chair lift, to a playground where face shots can become a reality, not just a dream.

The Colorado ski resorts are amongst some of the most popular in the world. The main appeal is the quality of the snow and the world class facilities. However popularity is sometimes associated with crowds, which can be frustrating for powder hounds. Moguls, chowder, lift queues, and long hikes are not for me. The perfect solution for the powder hound who needs fresh powder – heli skiing!

The only problem is that heli-skiing opportunities in continental USA (the lower 48 states) are limited. In Colorado there are only two heli-ski operators of which Helitrax is definitely the superior operation. So if you’re in Telluride (or Aspen or Vail) it seems criminal not to take up this unique opportunity to go heli skiing with Helitrax.


With Helitrax you can stay at the Telluride lodging of your choice. There are mid-range up to opulent accommodations in the Mountain Village or in the town of Telluride.

Alternatively Helitrax offer multi-day packages that incorporate lodging at the Peaks Resort.

More Reasons to Heli Ski with Helitrax

Get high with Helitrax! At 13,000 plus feet there might be a little less oxygen, but being way up high in the San Juans is more than just breathtaking. The views are absolutely stupendous. Of course the skiing is also fabulous, and instead of skiing bumps at the resort you can save the cartilage in your knees for floating over light dry powder.

There are other good reasons to choose Helitrax. It is a very polished operation with professional service, highly experienced guides, a major emphasis on safety, and lots of trimmings included in the packages. Let Helitrax spoil you! See our review of Telluride Helitrax for more information.

Heli-Ski and Heli Board Packages

Telli-Heli (as I like to call it!) offers single day helicopter skiing packages, offering one of the best days of your life! If one day isn't enough, there are significant discounts for multiple days of heli-skiing. The package includes 6 guided runs, lunch, snacks, use of an avalanche beacon and powder skis (or powder snowboard). If you’ve got any spring left in your thighs, you can do extra runs.

Helitrax can also organise packages that incorporate lodging. Make an inquiry for more information.

And if you’re skiing at Vail or Aspen, Helitrax can organise a same-day charter flight (fixed wing aircraft) to get you to Telluride. Have an awesome day heli-skiing and be home in time for dinner with the family! Telluride Helitrax also runs customised private charters.


Where is Telluride Helitrax Located?

As the name suggests, Helitrax is located in Telluride, with headquarters situated in the Mountain Village of Telluride. Telluride is located in a remote spot of the San Juan Mountains in the “powderhounds corner of Colorado”. Telluride is 363 miles (585km) southwest of Denver, about 6.5 to 7 hours away depending on road conditions and the presence of any characteristic traffic jams on the I70.

Considering that friends don’t let friends drive the I70, the other option to get there is to fly into nearby Telluride airport (6 miles away) or Montrose airport (65 miles away). From these regional airports there are various ground transportation options to get to Telluride, and once there you won’t need a car. See the how to get to Telluride page for more information.

Being co-located with Telluride ski resort has great advantages for Helitrax. If inclement weather prevents heli-skiing, there’s the backup option of lift-accessed skiing, and Telluride has a range of activities that will appeal to all family members. This makes it much easier to get a leave pass!

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Telluride Helitrax Snow & Terrain

The ski area is predominantly wide open alpine terrain with awe-inspiring scenery. The terrain is well suited to adventurous intermediate and advanced riders, and powderhounds that appreciate dry Rockies powder.

Each run has a vertical drop of 1,000 to 2,500 feet (305 to 762 metres) and with over 250 square miles (65,000 hectares) of terrain there are plenty of runs to choose from. The guides will have no problems finding snow without any powderhound paw marks!

Helitrax Terms & Conditions

We at Telluride Helitrax pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the Heliskiing experiences which we provide. In return we ask that our guests understand that we must make advanced financial and time commitments in order to provide these services. Helicopter skiing/riding is a shared risk experience. We put every effort into making sure all of the ingredients over which we have control of are in place to provide you with an exceptional ski experience. We ask that you understand that certain elements of the experience are beyond our control, including weather, snow conditions and skier ability levels on a particular trip.

Each day’s seat requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking and 7 days prior to your trip full payment is required. In the event inclement weather prevents Helitrax from flying on your preferred or available dates, this advanced deposit is completely refundable.

We fill up to sixteen seats daily. If conditions allow, we can increase the seating to twenty. These 4 additional seats can be booked but not guaranteed. Helitrax will do it’s best to accommodate you on your preferred ski date(s). You acceptance of the terms and conditions commits you to ski/ride on all of your additional available day(s) in lieu of your preferred ski dates.

As a reservation holder, you are required to remain available to heli-ski until noon on each of your available days. If your trip is canceled due to inclement weather, we will try to re-schedule your trip on a space available basis. Reservations are prioritized by sign-up date.

• No changes to your reservation can be made within 14 days of your reservation ski date(s) except at the discretion of Telluride Helitrax.
• Reservation dates can be changed at no charge up until 14 days prior to your reserved date.
• Reservations carried over to a the next ski season are charged a 10% administration fee.

• Cancellations more than 30 days prior to your reservation date will be refunded, minus a administrative fee of 20% of the trip cost.
• Less than 30 days your entire deposit of 50% in non-refundable.
• Less than 7 days prior to your trip, full payment including your deposit is non-refundable. This policy is in effect whether or not we are able to operate on your cancelled dates.

Guests absent, failing to complete a ski day or who leave the field early for any reason, will be charged in full. In addition, you may be charged for additional flight costs incurred to remove the guest from the field and/or for shuttle fees to return you to your accommodation. Excessively tardy guests cannot join the day and will be charged in full.

Due to the costly advanced commitments that Telluride Helitrax must make to provide our services we cannot provide any refunds even in cases of sudden illness, injury, canceled airline flights, family emergencies or any other disruptions to your schedule. To offset this risk we highly recommend obtaining Travel Guard or other brand of travel insurance.

• If Telluride Helitrax cancels a ski trip before it begins you will be refunded your entire deposit. If a trip underway is interrupted, the following percentages of the trip cost will charged: 1 run: $250 | 2 runs: 40% | 3 runs: 60% | 4 runs: 70% | 5 runs: 90%.
• If you wish to roll over your reservation to a later date in the same season there is no charge.
• If you roll your reservation over to the next season, then you retain an equal dollar amount of credit towards a future reservation. Any rate difference between the initial reservation and the current rate on the date that the new reservation is made, will be charged.
• If an entire season passes and no reservation date is made against a deposit, then that deposit is forfeited to Telluride Helitrax.
• We reserve the right to cancel reservations for reasons including but not limited to: weather, backcountry snow conditions and number of participants. Reservations are prioritized by sign-up date.

Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The actual gift certificate document must be presented in order to qualify for a reservation. A gift certificate may be rolled over for one additional year if the holder has actively made a reservation date with Telluride Helitrax and the trip was then cancelled by Telluride Helitrax. There is no charge for this qualified, one time rollover to the following heli-ski season. If no reservation is made against a gift certificate for one year then the gift certificate is forfeited to Telluride Helitrax and becomes void.

All terms, conditions and prices are subject to change.

To make a Helitrax reservation is to approve and accept the above terms and conditions.

Stunning scenery but thrill seekers should look elsewhere

Martin Capps
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Stunning scenery but thrill seekers should look elsewhere

Martin Capps
March 2015 was an exceptionally mild month so I had some concerns about the day's heli package I had booked with Helitrax. Fortunately I was very lucky as a small storm swept through on the Wednesday and we were the first out on the Friday.
The day starts with a safety briefing around 9am followed by a practice session outside with the beacons.
Clients are divided into groups of 4 with one guide each based on ability. On our day I think there were 4 groups of 4 out in the same area using the one helicopter.

Groups are matched by ability if you're going solo as I was.
The package includes 6 runs, lunch and a beer on the terrace after for $1250.Extra runs at $150 a pop.

Our guide was Matt,v friendly as are all Americans with one notable exception, as well as being exceedingly professional. He also is renowned for his witty one liners !

I would describe the terrain as intermediate. From the heli drop off the run could be broken down into 3 sections.
A short steepish start eg a wide couloir, Open powder field, Run out to pick up. 
As with all guiding the run is broken down into sections to regroup. This coupled with the terrain means the buzz factor isn't very high. The powder field sections were the most fun but while I'm happy to make pretty s tracks once, as a boarder I don't really care and would much rather straight line these sections at high speed. This meant I either had to reign my neck in or overtake everyone. There were also no opportunities for any drops.

Here in lies the rub. For that kind of money I want a massive adrenaline rush but understandably the company has a duty of care and responsibilities to all its clients. If one person gets injured it will ruin the day for everyone else and won't do their reputation any good.

In conclusion if you have the cash do it. You get flown around in a helicopter in stunning scenery for goodness sake ! I don't regret going for a second but I won't go again.

As a footnote I'm a bit sceptical on ability levels. In my view expert should mean you can land big drops and backflips !

Get High in Telluride



Powderhounds Ambassador
Powderhounds Ambassador


Powderhounds Ambassador
Powderhounds Ambassador
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Get High in Telluride

Powderhounds Review of Helitrax
Helitrax offers the reasonably unique opportunity to go heli skiing straight from a beautiful ski resort. Unlike their Colorado counterparts, Helitrax is a very polished operation providing a highly organised and luxurious heli skiing experience. Their emphasis on the safety aspects of heli skiing is also impressive.

For more a more detailed review of this heli skiing operation, see our Helitrax review.

Helitrax Packages
Telluride Helitrax - Day Heli Skiing DETAILS
Price p/p From price based on single day of heliskiing (6 runs) per person for 2021 season.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,395

6 Runs of Powder Heaven!

Location: USA | Tour Focus: Guided | Terrain Focus: Backcountry
Ability: Intermediate to Expert
Price p/p From price based on single day of heliskiing (6 runs) per person for 2021 season.
Base/invoice currency is in USD inc taxes.
*Displayed price may vary due to currency fluctuations.
USD 1,395
Solo skiers/boarders, small groups & larger groups can enjoy an epic day of heliskiing at Telluride Helitrax. And if you’re skiing at Vail or Aspen, they can organise a same-day charter flight (fixed wing aircraft) to get you to Telluride. Have an awesome day heli-skiing & be home in time for dinner with the family! More
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